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February 2005
World's first? Wimax for train commuters

Argh! Stop this devilry! I <em>know</em> I should buy a PowerBook to profit from wireless internet (yes, I also know you can buy 'laptops', but they are lame)!

Now Dunstan, will…

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I am a kitten

Hmmm... The good ol' taste of being busy. Good idea for a novel.

Seriously though, just hang in there. It has got to be over soon, or else there's something awry wrong!

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January 2005
A short film of the puppies at 13-days old

Saving memories I take it? Well, you should. dawgz rawk man !!!11 omg!

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A short film of the puppies with their eyes open

Your soundtracks get livelier as well ;)

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A short film of Squeak and Lotty

How a blog can go from web development and design to movies of sleeping little dogs with silly score.

And what did they pay you for this plug? ;)

Nah, Dunst, they're cute. Enjoy that for now :P

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A short film of the week-old puppies

The goofy grin in the first shot is precious ;)

I must say that they are rather cute. And thanks for the lesson on heat lamps pal!

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Lotty and Dotty

Dunstan, some well-deserved revenge? I almost felt Scrap was getting too much attention, this is a good comeback.

Now, who was it who said that this would turn into a photolog? Well? I think…

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Scrap lying on his back

:D Your conversations all go via the blog? ;)

Scrap is indeed one cool dawg, but I don't know how the others feel like this, as Nikita does point out there. Dunstan, can you enlighten us on this…

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It's starting to feel more 'Dunstan' already! But you have some outrageously handy backdrops. I always try to take pictures of my cat when he's on his back, but for some reason he always does it…

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Scrap lying on his tummy

Might I add that it is really tiny?

Though I have to admit, animals on bellies look cool.

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November 2004
A new job

Congratulations, my man! That's awesome. How about the GF, by the way? (Or is that a touchy subject? :P)

And what an amazing info graphic as well :)

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Solving CSS problems for Mozilla Europe

Besides the crap IE makes of it, nice job Dunstan. I've been working with selectors a lot of late, trying to style pure markup. Stay tuned to my blog for that.

I love your styled (un)box, that's…

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Applying CSS to external services

Good thinking, but yes, of course Mr. Poll wants to retain its (his?) branding. It would be a great opportunity, like Dave Shea's Hack Hotbot and CSS Zen Garden. I think I should implement such a…

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October 2004
Hitler who?

That's probably one of the best jokes by John Cleese on screen.

But Ethan, do you have any clue what he's talking about? :P

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Big dog on Stinson Beach

Dude, that was quite a big dog! Did you hug it? Was it really as furry as it looks? Did it drag you by your leg?

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Lemur therapy

"... a place where you go to get stoned, pissed, and then laid, all on the same night"

Never happened to me on one night, and I've lived here for over 16 years. Probably Amsterdam. Those people…

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"Get caught shagging a badger, cooling your genitals in the ice cream freezers at Safeway, or spitting on old people, and you can expect not only a stern punishment from the bods in charge, but…

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Diet Pepsi, the choice of Athlets

How ironic. But you shouldn't make jokes about this...


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Oi chihuahua

I dig this one. You should sell this stuff. Really outstanding quality.

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Baseball batter at Oakland Coliseum

Yay! You still please me every time.

Your nonsense writing... I was afraid my blogging was turning into just talking about my range and about serious stuff, so I wrote an article/rant about…

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Damn, your compositions look so nice! Could you tell us some more about it? Even showing more of them would be great ;)

So is this blog turning into a photolog?

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September 2004
A good clean fight

Don't! You'll jinx it!

Oh, and GF: And you weren't the least bit surprised?

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Yeah! That's why he's holding back on this! He doesn't dare to say that he doesn't like The Rules of the Bed!

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Nobody got harmed?

Oh, and she looks like a really strict girl. She's got ya around her finger! Well, not really. But on what and why would one spit in a dream?

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Shoes on a wire

Funny. asics has a commercial with shoes hanging on an electricity wire. But those shoes talk :/

So they are actually mAd ripperZ!

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Strong colours, great lighting. Man, your camera rocks!

*needs one desperately*

*practically broke*


Oh, and Emotion Eric really looks... stupid. No other word for it.

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I love soliciting

The colours are beautiful, especially when you think about it - someone was in a strange mood and chalked it up there. Still pretty genious.

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Sorry, accidentally skipped the line saying what photo it was manipulated from. Never mind!

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I like it. What have you manipulated exactly? Just colours etc, or really a retouching job?

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Rise of the kaddle

Beauty. And Darryl's right. Don't question art, it expresses itself once, and everyone has to understand it on his own.

But really, wonderful picture.

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SBC Park

It looks funky, but the idea is there ;)
If you could do this perfectly, it would be astonishing, but then again, it would seem as just an ordinary big photo (with wide lens, that is).

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Baseball pitcher at SBC Park

This is so cool, you should really post a tutorial on this. It just has something special, and that's probably the trick too... *shrugs*

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Droopy Dog

C'mon. Short legs. Doesn't look like a woman of Dunst's age. Though, of course, we don't know her age ;)

That dog is cute in a strange way.

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Link presentation and Fitts' Law

It is a good thing. I just figured, when only this specific combination fails to work like it should, it has to be a bug. You're not the only one reacting, and to make things clear to the rest:…

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Good write-up. I love to use display: block; since it's just nice to make all links equal width and it's more accessible, it even works when I'm drunk! :op

But there's one drawback. I discovered…

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August 2004

Taken from the almighty colophon:
"The photos on this site are almost all taken using a Canon EOS 10D digital SLR, with a Canon EF 28-135/3.5-5.6 image stabilized USM lens, and a 1GB CF card."

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This would suit as a great photo for a masthead. It's so perfect. Clear, bright and sharp. You should integrate a photolog!

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Rubber ducks

That explains a lot. Photoshop loves RAW, and so do I. Reminds me, I need a camera of my own too (just can't take the family camera with me all the time). Any recommendations?

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Did you optimize this? They looks so nice and crisp.

And it's a good composition, too.

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San Mateo County Fair

Good you tell us - I almost planned a trip to San Fran including a visit to the fair.

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Back in America

It's good to read something after the silence.

And Lucas looks like you. A lot.


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Facts from Oliver Letwin

Oh bugger. The Germans are joining in too :op
Another entry for the spam list, /me thinks.

Richard, you made a valuable point. Percentual increasings can be meaningless, and they sometimes are.

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I'd buy it (no pun intended - if possible anyways).
What can I say. I was wrong. There is no place on earth (except maybe lovely Canada!) where one can live normally, without having to pay…

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Boy, do I love politics :D

You'd better be going back to America soon, my boy!

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Bowling over 200

Who _can_ top him? He's amazing. No he's more - he's Super Dunstan (Naked (sometimes/often))!

Ah well. You know what they say. Playing is more important than winning. At least, that's what we in…

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You sure top me. My best is about 130 or something.

*trying to read the chopped-off name*

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Swallows and Frogs

What do you mean? An African or a European swallow?

Sorry Dunstan - back on topic!

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The chicks ready to fly look almost posed! Nice compositions. And the frog is cool. Ubercool. 'Not so common after all...'

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The Shadow/Highlight tool in Photoshop CS

That will come in handy when I ever (forget the "ever"!) shoot a photo that is quite close to crap. Never knew this was there too. Only used Levels and Hue/Saturation much, but this will certainly…

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28 years ago today

Happy Birthday man! 28 already... You're getting a big boy now :op

Mark: First thing that crossed my mind too. Very much alike.
Simon: Nice facts. Especially #6...
Seb: Yes, looks like an O to…

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A walk in the sun

Heh... Poppy rocks! And the old barn is nice. Where did you get it? :op

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July 2004
Redesign explained: tag transformations

That's not all. How do you think you can find the blogged people? Sometimes, Morag Orchard is 'mother', sometimes 'mum' but never actually Morag Orchard [1]. That's a cool feature, and this proves…

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Oooh... Nice! I'm definitely going to use some of that. And link back to you with a nice 25px font, yellow on red :op

As Andrei [1] said, you are a PHP genius. Inventing new tags (well, actually…

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Summer garden

[woahmode]Wow! Weren't you scared?[/woahmode]

That's pretty big yes. The ones I see are merely 2cm long.

Damn, I really need those tags embedded in your comment system :P

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Heh... Yeah, I found that out too, after writing 'whatev''. But it's handy, since I tend to use words that aren't real UK English, but more American English, which I don't like.
I adore auld…

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'Dahlia' is just plain beautiful. 'Onions' looks fun. But the moth is just nasty. Scary.

Nice colors overall.

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Redesign explained: time presentation

That is a good case. It can't be noted too many times that CSS and XHTML are good partners when it comes to bandwidth, serverload and of course easy editability. IMO, all big companies should do…

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You're right. The kilobytes aren't more important than the serverload. A SWITCH is always handy, and I couldn't live without them, but this ingenious use of a SWITCH is just magnificent. And about…

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I think I'm going to use some of your code on my newly coming blog (yes, I'm starting a second one, even more nonsense), because it can be quite handy. You always know how to implement those smart…

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A weekend away at Sea Ranch

*waves back*
I did remember him saying he'd return in August, which wouldn't make you a lonely girl for that long a time. And yes, I do remember you :P Suddenly Dunstan was overwhelmed by the…

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One thing I do not get: where are you now, and where is the GF? Seems like I've missed a point _or_ you're hiding something...

Nice photos though.

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Version 2

I. Love. This!

And I've been screenshot! Hurrah!

Nice work, Dunstan. Think I'm going to 'borrow' some things of this ;)

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Laptops as social aids

I personally think it was the latter.

That's my opinion too. But no way I'm ever going to get that lot of money in about - say - 6 weeks :(

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Barbequing with the rich and famous

Good god! Even I know it, and I'm from Holland. Welsch is a great language, by the way.

But Irish people not knowing the location of Wales is disturbing. You should get your own island. Feature…

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I hate stupid people, but well, they are around, you know. So technically, I'll just have to live with it. Then again, I could try and invent some sort of general knowledge tester to access me, so…

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That looks like a perfect ending for this discussion.

Need a moral, just for the feeling? :P

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Stephan: Exactly what I was thinking of what Americans are thinking.
Adrian: That joke always works. I always make jokes of the French. And I should. Check this out:…

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You're lucky those two guys weren't gay. Cuz Gaynip is still in town!

They weren't gay, were they?

But why do Americans think Europe is a third world country (yes, they probably think England…

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June 2004
Transfer tickets

Gaynip it is. You surely have an interesting life, my man.

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At Safeway deli counter, part two

That is quite genious. I - being an absurdist - would have done it even more idiotic. But I'm going to spare you.

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At Safeway deli counter

America! Country without restrictions! Everything is possible!

Too bad you can't get enough ham to even survive an afternoon with.

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Saucer of milk for table three

And has been so since the '60s, so I don't want any excuses like 'err I didn't know that' or 'nobody told me so' or 'that's like, so not true!'.

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Busy having fun

Wow! This looks like you're gonna stop being a wally! Listening to your mother... never thought that of you. Ah well... Have fun living.

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May 2004
The PHP code behind my archive page

I love your code, but I use WordPress, and that hack is quite nice. Still, going public with your code... gutsy!

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Dance like nobody’s watching

That 'America' is really eating your brains! Dreadfull!

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Glamour, 24/7

[freakmode]Dunstan, you is like, so glamorous![/freakmode]

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The last three days

For some reason, I've got the feeling the 'yet'-part on Sunday has been filled out. Keep us informed!

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A shared language

Never thought of that when saying hello. I hope it's just San Fransisco.

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