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Summer garden

28th July 2004, late evening | Comments (24)

I’m photographing a friend’s wedding this weekend, and decided I better get in some practice with my new fish-eye lens before the big day. I spent an hour pottering around the garden, snapping away, and thought I’d share with you just how beautiful things are looking here in the UK:

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  1. The Girlfriend:

    Lovely photos hon - thank you!


    ps - When I come to visit, could you please keep the Lime Hawk moth away from me? Scary...

    Posted 27 minutes after the fact
  2. ACJ:

    Yeah, my thoughts exactly: scary Moth.
    Lovely pictures though. I can't wait for my own digital camera, which I should be getting in about a month (Canon G5).

    Posted 36 minutes after the fact
  3. Darice De Cuba:

    I like the Sweet peas photo. Especially the angle from with you took it. And that moth sure is scary, we don't have those kind back home on Aruba. The ones we have are jet black and very big. Never again I will try to take a photo of them.

    Posted 1 hour, 1 minute after the fact
  4. Jeremy:

    Ooh ... I love using the fish-eye. Great for getting lots of information into the frame, head-to-toe shots, etc.

    Incidentally ... I just took a new job and was <i>issued</i> a spanking new Canon EOS 10D (your platform of choice, no?) and a couple of lenses. Spoiled, I am.

    Nice new shots, yours. Beautiful indeed. Although they're mostly white-and-neutral, the Argeranthemum and the Daisies are my favorites. Happy snapping. Best of luck with the wedding!

    Posted 2 hours, 9 minutes after the fact
  5. Jeremy:

    Ew. I gave myself away with those nasty italics tags, above.

    I meant the more communicative <em> tag. Please forgive ... I'll try to be more vigilant.


    Posted 2 hours, 14 minutes after the fact
  6. Liz:

    Gorgeous, Dunstan! And great to see more photos up on the site.

    How big is the moth? Looks like a fat little thing.

    Posted 3 hours, 59 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Dunstan
  7. Adam Bramwell:

    You know an alternate name for a fish-eye lens is a 'nose magnification device'? Watch out for close-ups of people and their honkers!

    Posted 6 hours, 38 minutes after the fact
  8. Rob Mientjes:

    'Dahlia' is just plain beautiful. 'Onions' looks fun. But the moth is just nasty. Scary.

    Nice colors overall.

    Posted 6 hours, 47 minutes after the fact
  9. JOachim:

    nice, looks like you'll be doing great at the wedding.

    Posted 9 hours, 16 minutes after the fact
  10. Scott:

    Wow Dunstan that daisy's picture is totally awesome. You sure do some great photography. Would it be to bold to ask if I could use a piece of that in a header image for my site?

    PS: Your spell check feature is the shiz!

    Posted 9 hours, 29 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Rob Mientjes
  11. David Barrett:

    "here in the UK".

    So, you're back from San Francisco then?

    Posted 12 hours, 54 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Dunstan
  12. Dunstan:

    Ah, yes: I've known for quite some time that my friend's were getting married at the end of July. I also knew that three-months was the longest US visa I could get. I therefore planned my trip so my US visa expired on the 21st of July, giving me a week or so to return home to Dorset and relax before the wedding day.

    I'm now home for about four weeks, and then I'm back in San Francisco, maybe for another three months, maybe for much longer, I'll have to see how things pan out.

    Posted 13 hours, 23 minutes after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ David Barrett
  13. Swt GA HunnyB:

    Oh wonderful pictures! :) So nice!

    Posted 14 hours, 24 minutes after the fact
  14. Chad:

    Nice shots, tell me about your new fish-eye lens. Is a fish-eye better (or more flexible) for doing extreme close-ups than a micro lens??

    Posted 16 hours, 9 minutes after the fact
  15. Rob Mientjes:

    Heh... Yeah, I found that out too, after writing 'whatev''. But it's handy, since I tend to use words that aren't real UK English, but more American English, which I don't like.
    I adore auld English :P

    Posted 16 hours, 38 minutes after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Scott
  16. Seth Thomas Rasmussen:

    Daisies win!

    I've never heard of or seen such a moth. I know we've got some basis for comparison, but exactly how big are those moths?

    Posted 16 hours, 53 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Dunstan
  17. Dunstan:

    I just measured the bucket it was in (using the lines you can see in the photos) and came up with:

    Body: 5cm/2 inches long
    Wing span: 10cm/4 inches wide

    Pretty big!

    Posted 17 hours, 8 minutes after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Liz, ↑ Seth Thomas Rasmussen
    Inspired: ↓ Rob Mientjes
  18. CLINT:

    very nice shotz, great composition and color makes me wanna get outta nyc and hop over to the uk for a break

    good work

    Posted 17 hours, 14 minutes after the fact
  19. Rob Mientjes:

    [woahmode]Wow! Weren't you scared?[/woahmode]

    That's pretty big yes. The ones I see are merely 2cm long.

    Damn, I really need those tags embedded in your comment system :P

    Posted 19 hours, 18 minutes after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Dunstan
  20. Carly:

    The flowers are gorgeous (love the dahlias), but I'm most partial to "A tomato." Yep, imperfect fruit.

    Do moths bite people? I thought they don't. Should Dunstan have been afraid that the moth was going to fly at him? Or perhaps beat at his face with its oversized moth-wings? :).

    Posted 1 day, 8 hours after the fact
  21. Sarah:

    Techno-turd that I am, I have been quite overwhelmed by the I.T. speak on your blog recently, hence the lack of commenting from me, but I was delighted to see these photos, Dunstan! More my thing! I love lavender and your pic is beautiful! I am a strange one inasmuch as I like moths, I think they are a feat of natural engineering alongside bumble bees, so your moth photos appeal too.

    Post us some wedding photos if poss?

    Posted 2 days, 13 hours after the fact
  22. Sian:

    Happy days. It's been humid of late but with heavy cloud cover I can't wait for it to clear so I can get out with D-Rebel and get snapping.

    I thought the pictures would be more rounded on the edges with a fish-eye, nevertheless lovely photographs.

    Posted 2 days, 17 hours after the fact
  23. Mark Tranchant:

    Argh. How do you manage to remember flower names? They totally escape my brain’s grasp. People tell me what flowers are called, but they may as well be speaking in ancient Sumerian for all the notice my brain takes.

    Er… and isn’t it “daisies”?

    Posted 4 days, 12 hours after the fact
  24. Bonnie:

    I love the flowers you mack it look like alice in wonderland

    Posted 10 months, 3 weeks after the fact

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