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Je suis retourné

20th August 2003, lunch time | Comments (2)


Back from spending time in Paris with friends (Thill, Jo and Ben). We were there for the hottest night on record and boy was it uncomfortable. I have a better idea of what it’s like for my brother to live on the Italian coast now.

The trip was great, but it wasn’t until the penultimate day that we had the most fun — a bicycle ride around the city, a visit to the fair, a go on the log flume, watching roller-bladers do amazing things with cones and high jump bars, and then home again for another game of cards (to which we became seriously addicted).

All in all, a good trip, but Paris has pretty much lost its appeal to me now — if it wasn’t for Thill and Jo living there, I wouldn’t be hurrying back.

Oh, and Jo cut my hair while we were there, so I now have a crew cut. My mother says I look like a criminal. She’s right, but it keeps my head cool.