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A walk in the sun

2nd August 2004, late at night | Comments (16)

We’ve had such beautiful weather here recently that I thought I’d take the dog for a walk across the fields. My much-neglected camera accompanied us, so you could see Poppy, and the English countryside, in action.

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  1. Kevin:

    Very nice indeed, as always!

    Poppy must be the most famous dog on the t'internet.

    Well Poppy and Jordan I suppose.

    Posted 19 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Marko
  2. Bonnie:

    Cute dog

    Posted 48 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Scott
  3. Scott:

    I like your dog man. The picture of the old barn is great too.

    Posted 50 minutes after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Bonnie
  4. Marko:

    We could end up here fighting which of our pets is the most famous! Check

    Anyway, walking out our dogs across hills nearby is some enjoyment! When i saw Poppy, i saw something familiar : )

    Posted 52 minutes after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Kevin
  5. Nicholas:

    Dustan, What kinda dog is that?

    Posted 3 hours, 12 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Dunstan
  6. Rob Mientjes:

    Heh... Poppy rocks! And the old barn is nice. Where did you get it? :op

    Posted 6 hours, 17 minutes after the fact
  7. Chad:

    Great shots as always, Dunstan. I truly believe that dog shots are some of the best there are (although kid ones are great too). I bet Poppy was glad to see you upon your return, and you her.

    Posted 6 hours, 22 minutes after the fact
  8. Irfandhy Franciscus:

    Cute dog :D

    Wow what big tongue he has.

    Are planning to bring him to SF if you go there again ?

    Posted 8 hours, 52 minutes after the fact
  9. Dunstan:

    She's a Jack Russell, Nicolas.
    Long legged, short haired, completely loopy.

    Posted 9 hours, 56 minutes after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Nicholas
    Inspired: ↓ Tristan
  10. Steve B:

    Ahh... it's good to see some Poppy shots again. I was beginning to miss her.

    I'm interested in what a 'drove' is, but I realize the 'o' and 'i' keys are terribly close to one another on the keyboard.
    (Very, very, very impressed with the spell-checker)

    Posted 10 hours, 7 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Dunstan
  11. Dunstan:

    Steve, a 'drove' is a kind of country lane that farmers use to access their fields; the idea being that they 'drove' their cheep and cows down these lanes.

    The term also applies to the cross-country routes that farmers used to use to walk their animals to market. In those cases the droves could be hundreds of miles long. Our drove is about 300m :o)

    From for 'drove':

    "A road for driving cattle; a driftway."

    "A collection of cattle driven, or cattle collected for driving; a number of animals, as oxen, sheep, or swine, driven in a body."

    "To drive, as cattle or sheep, esp. on long journeys; to follow the occupation of a drover."

    "A flock or herd being driven in a body."

    Posted 10 hours, 33 minutes after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Steve B
    Inspired: ↓ Steve B
  12. Phil Wiffen:

    I like the tunnel effect of the top right image. Do you get people asking if you painted poppy's eye? The amount of people who ask us that when walking our dog...

    What gets me is they think noone's thought of it before!

    Posted 19 hours, 54 minutes after the fact
  13. Tristan:

    My dog's name is poppy! She's a yellow lab, though. I'm not sure if it's a common name or not where you live, but here in California I've never met another dog with the same name. We named ours after the Matilija Poppy which only grows in our area.

    Nice pictures, and a nice little dog with a very nice name. :)

    Posted 2 days, 8 hours after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Dunstan
  14. Steve B:

    Ahh... Shows how much I know about rural England, even though I live here.

    Posted 2 days, 10 hours after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Dunstan
  15. Domai:

    Sweet doggy!

    Posted 3 months after the fact
  16. Aaron Garrard:

    very good i must say and u must look after your dog well and it look like my dog bobby

    Posted 6 months after the fact

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