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Glamour, 24/7

12th May 2004, the wee hours | Comments (25)

It’s midnight. I’m standing in the kitchen of my temporarily-rented apartment, clad in nothing but my underpants. I’m watching the Chicago DVD on my 17in Powerbook, and repeatedly lifting a kitchen chair above my head for exercise.

If you want, you can touch me; some of the glamour might rub off on you.

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Comments (25)

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  1. DarkBlue:

    "If you want, you can touch me..."

    Dunstan, there's no wonder you're a gay magnet when you post this sort of thing! :-)

    Posted 4 minutes after the fact
  2. Rowen:

    I was going to ask if I could just touch the hem of your garment.. then I remembered what that garment was, and where the hem would be.

    I don't need glamour that much.

    Posted 14 minutes after the fact
  3. Jon Hicks:

    Sheesh. Watching musicals in nothing but pants? San Francisco has gone to your head!! They wouldn't let you get away with that in the ol' Stoat and Ferret back home...

    Posted 1 hour, 2 minutes after the fact
  4. Jack:

    I'd like to see you explain it to the tech support guys if you ever were to drop that kitchen chair on to your powerbook.

    Posted 1 hour, 32 minutes after the fact
  5. Lee:

    Watching Chicago in your undies. No wonder gay men are attracted to you. I think SF is having a disturbing affect on you!

    Posted 1 hour, 36 minutes after the fact
  6. Kitta:

    You know, as silly and dorky as that is, it just makes me love you more Dunstan.

    Posted 1 hour, 42 minutes after the fact
  7. Adrian:

    I must say, this is notably another one of those great "Dunstan moments".

    Posted 2 hours, 6 minutes after the fact
  8. Chris Vincent:

    Hey, when you're in your own home, have at it!

    My bored moments:
    Laying on my bed in my bedroom, wearing nothing but underpants (as is required for these occasions). Everything from my waist up is actually hanging over the side of the bed, and everything I see is upside-down. I'm trying to discern pictures in the wall, sort of like looking into the clouds.

    After a while, I walk to the kitchen for a slice of pizza and resume as normal.

    Posted 4 hours, 14 minutes after the fact
  9. Mark:

    You lead a most glamorous lifestyle! Should we even be permitted to read your blog? :)

    Posted 4 hours, 21 minutes after the fact
  10. Robert Lofthouse:

    The bachelors lifestyle. I used to be like that, of course that stopped happening when I got a fiancee :P

    I found out what a bin as for, why I should smell nice most of the time, why I shouldn't program 24/7 instead of showering etc etc etc.

    However, when Dunstan speaketh of this lifestyle, it doesn't seem as "macho" :P Watching a musical in your underpants? I can only admire you for making such a statement.

    The only thing that stops that statement from being completely "gay", is the fact that you reffered to the size of your powerbook in a manly way, and you followed that up with "i'm doing pushups with a chair"

    At least we all know that he can multi-task :P

    I haven't posted on this web site before, but I love reading your blog!

    Posted 5 hours after the fact
  11. Sam Newman:

    Substitue Tai Fishermen trousers (they're roomy, ok?) for underpants, Friends for Chicago, a TV for a Power Book and no excersie for chair lifting, and you have just summed up most of my weekday evenings.

    Weekends are much the same, except that I wear a T-shirt.

    Posted 5 hours, 48 minutes after the fact
  12. Ethan:

    I'm sorry. I'll write a wittier comment once my eyes stop bleeding.

    Posted 6 hours, 26 minutes after the fact
  13. Jonas Rabbe:

    I just hate that people are places where it's warm enough to lounge around in nothing but underpants. If I were to try that here (Denmark) it would be a sure-fire way to catch a cold.

    Now we're on the subject of underpants, boxer or briefs?

    - Jonas

    Posted 6 hours, 52 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Chris Clark
  14. Chris Clark:


    Somewhere on this page you will find your answer.

    Unless Dunstan has changed for the states.

    Dunstan any chance you'll make it up as far north as Eugene OR?

    Posted 8 hours, 19 minutes after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Jonas Rabbe
  15. Rob Mientjes:

    [freakmode]Dunstan, you is like, so glamorous![/freakmode]

    Posted 11 hours, 5 minutes after the fact
  16. Sian:

    Break it down for us Dunstan. Were the underpants:

    a) Helly Hansen
    b) Jockey travel briefs (with lycra)
    c) Marks & Spencers finest
    d) Jockey (style unknown)
    e) The Pink sequined pvc and feathers g string ....

    Posted 11 hours, 28 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Dunstan
  17. Dunstan:


    Posted 11 hours, 43 minutes after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Sian
  18. Sheldon:

    I think this may also explain the whole gay men attraction to you as well... this is on your wishlist.

    Posted 15 hours, 41 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Dunstan
  19. Matt:

    You crazy English, always putting u's all over the place :o)

    Posted 16 hours, 39 minutes after the fact
  20. Dunstan:

    That's very odd, they must have altered their wishlist urls, because that wasn't my wishlist at all!

    All fixed now :o)

    Posted 16 hours, 57 minutes after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Sheldon
  21. Debbie:

    I dunno, Dunstan. I'm trying to figure this out. What you're telling us is that you're standing in the kitchen of an apartment in San Francisco, which is one of the most wonderful cities in the world, imho, watching a DVD on your Powerbook and exercising with a chair.

    Has all of the attention as Gaynip, forced you indoors? Altered your brain? Is it raining? San Fran not what you expected??

    What I'm thinking is, "Dunstan's having a GRAND time and he must be a gentleman...he's not REALLY talkin'!" I mean afterall, there was a GIRL in the picture, just a few days ago. :o)

    Posted 17 hours, 16 minutes after the fact
  22. Robert Lofthouse:

    Even Amazon is trying to point it out lol

    Tis a conspiracy Dunstan, tis a conspiracy :P

    Posted 17 hours, 26 minutes after the fact
  23. Ryan:

    Uhh... Dunstan, I'll pass on the glamour "rubbing".

    Chris Clark: small world! Perhaps the gaynip wouldn't be as effective up here.

    Posted 18 hours, 39 minutes after the fact
  24. Pickyin:

    I only saw 3 words - 17 inch Powerbook.

    Posted 22 hours, 18 minutes after the fact
  25. Sergio:

    I second Debbie! Duns: *What about the girl??*

    I could actually improve my glamour by hanging out with you. My weekends have much less pizzazz.

    Posted 1 day, 6 hours after the fact

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