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Busy having fun

1st June 2004, late afternoon | Comments (28)

If he read my site (and he weren’t dead), Norris McWhirter, co-founder of the Guinness Book of Records, would be able to tell you that the thirteen days silence since my last post is not the longest time you lovely people have had to go sans Dunstan; that record stands at seventeen days, back when I first started this blog. Close, but no cigar.

But why the recent silence? The lack of posts? The absence of photographs? Well, the lure of the girlfriend, the sunshine, and the city have simply been too strong for me to resist — given the choice between sitting in front of a computer, or getting naked, sun tanned, and drunk, I’ve found the computer loses out every time.

No doubt when I’ve settled in to some kind of routine here, I’ll begin posting more frequently, but for now I’m enjoying being away from the machine, so bear with me while I unwind. I’ve basically spent two and a half years sat in front of a computer in a beautiful field in the middle of a bunch of other beautiful fields, seeing no-one, going no-where, and having no-one to get naked with… I think it’s time I got to live a little.

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  1. DarkBlue:

    So now you got the new house, the new girlfriend and the "Frod" Bronco are you going to start doing press-ups again - 'cause you're really blowing those averages?

    Posted 11 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Dunstan
  2. Dunstan:

    Very good point, there's 80 to get me going again.

    Posted 15 minutes after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ DarkBlue
    Inspired: ↓ DarkBlue
  3. Colin D. Devroe:

    If I knew what pressups were, I might care. Glad to see that your having fun Dunstan. Live.

    Posted 39 minutes after the fact
  4. Simon Willison:

    Glad to hear it's not just the guys who have been finding you attractive ;) Sounds like you're having a great time out there - I'm thoroughly looking forward to crashing your party in a few weeks :)

    Posted 58 minutes after the fact
  5. Matt:

    Yes but we're not talking about just any computer here, it's a fully loaded 17" Powerbook. Come on, man!

    Posted 1 hour, 21 minutes after the fact
  6. DarkBlue:

    Only 80? Are you going soft over there Mr. Orchard?

    Posted 1 hour, 30 minutes after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Dunstan
  7. Daniel:

    go live! nice pictures, and it's good to hear every once in awhile that the computer isn't everything... all the time. college has taught me more about that statement.

    i know it's my first comment here, but have a good one dunstan.

    Posted 1 hour, 40 minutes after the fact
  8. ACJ:

    Good to hear all that, Dustan. I hope I can write a similar post on my weblog soon. :)

    Posted 3 hours, 20 minutes after the fact
  9. Jane Young:

    I hear you loud and clear, I would give anything for a little vaction in the sun
    doing nothing with no computer's around for miles!. (-:

    Posted 3 hours, 22 minutes after the fact
  10. Rahul:

    Wait, what girlfriend?!

    Posted 4 hours, 40 minutes after the fact
  11. Jan Korbel:

    Glad to hear that Dunstan, enjoy the summer and post some photos once a while.

    Posted 7 hours, 13 minutes after the fact
  12. Sam Newman:

    Right - do what the others said - your blog isn't going to see to your health and wellbeing. I'll be quite happy to not see a post from you for a month or so, as long as you're using your time well :-)

    Posted 9 hours, 54 minutes after the fact
  13. Blair:

    Good point Rahul ... what bloody girlfriend? We know you fancied some bird and she maybe fancied you ... but what happened inbetween? C'mon Dunstan, spill the beans, we wanna know!

    Posted 11 hours, 45 minutes after the fact
  14. Rob Mientjes:

    Wow! This looks like you're gonna stop being a wally! Listening to your mother... never thought that of you. Ah well... Have fun living.

    Posted 12 hours, 32 minutes after the fact
  15. Phil Baines:

    Nice one D! It's cool to know that your having a good time over there! Now go and break that record, no more posts for another two weeks maybe? Maybe when you do, you can tell us a bit more about your lassy? With her permission of course.

    Posted 13 hours, 46 minutes after the fact
  16. Sparticus:

    I'd like to know how you got such a loaded girlfriend. Clearly with a garden like that in a city like that, she's got to have some cash. Kudos.

    P.S. You do realise that by being in the states you're missing big brother?

    Posted 14 hours, 1 minute after the fact
  17. Mark Wubben:

    I'm just wondering if you have introduced your girlfriend to some of the older (like two weeks ago) posts on your blog...

    Posted 15 hours, 5 minutes after the fact
  18. Lee:

    I have to say that I had figured that a GF may well have been the reason for a lack of posting.


    Mr Smartypants
    (AKA Lee)

    PS - Have fun.

    Posted 18 hours, 30 minutes after the fact
  19. Sian:

    I wondered what happened to you! As for sunshine I've had enough of it. After spending 2 hours being trudged around Tynemouth by Mr Russ I successfully managed to burn my nose and now look like a very out of season Rudolf.

    More on the Mrs Dunstan front, c'mon man give it up!

    Posted 22 hours, 31 minutes after the fact
  20. Marko:

    That's a wonderfull news and yes, it seems to me this year's vaccation is going to be great for seventy-sixers :-).

    At first sight different (well, i have wife and a son), but acctualy same situation (Irena is in 'condition' first time again after Luka's birth) and also i'm back in the gym, too. We're planning a looong summer at Croatian coast, mostly sea-diving (in case you needed an idea)...

    Posted 1 day, 11 hours after the fact
  21. Lea De Groot:

    A girlfriend?
    Come on, don't leave us hanging like that - tell us all about her (and the challenge is to do that without getting soppy ;)

    Posted 1 day, 11 hours after the fact
  22. Chad:

    Nice new house there pal, and with a garage, in SF, oooh lala!!

    Posted 1 day, 15 hours after the fact
  23. Doug:

    Thanks for the update on Naked Dunstan Technologies.

    Posted 2 days, 17 hours after the fact
  24. Wally:

    never mind the freakin bronco, lad. post pictures of naked girlfriend. ... from the neck-up of course ;-!

    Posted 2 days, 18 hours after the fact
  25. Steve:

    So... has she found out about your unnerving magnetic attraction to homosexual males?

    Posted 4 days, 16 hours after the fact
  26. Jonas Rabbe:

    So... how long does it take to have fun? And how long until you are done??? OK, so maybe I'm not the one to point fingers as I am notoriously bad at updating...

    Enjoy your fun, and have it while it lasts.

    Posted 5 days, 12 hours after the fact
  27. Sarah:

    So money... there I said it!!!

    Posted 5 days, 19 hours after the fact
  28. Tyler From.:

    I am consistently impressed by your pictures, viewing other people's photography always allows for a new perspective on things. However, the bronco picture left me wanting more.

    Posted 1 week after the fact

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