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May 2005
A short film of Squeak and Lotty

Isn't posting that clip of the song copyright infringement? I'm not the gestapo or anything, but it seems a little reckless with the RIAA nazis out there. Nice site.

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November 2004
A new job

"London office" - is that what they call Bourne End now?

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Solving CSS problems for Mozilla Europe


*One* Windows browser in particular is a lot more important in terms of getting people to switch (clue: it's not Opera). It's not about Windows vs Mac; it's about individual browsers.…

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September 2004
Shoes on a wire

Funny, I keep noticing shoes-on-wires more and more. But I just don't buy the drug angle, at least not where I live (I suppose it could be a region-specific thing). At any rate, the shoes I see…

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August 2004
Facts from Oliver Letwin

"...growing up in 80's I have a particular loathing for the Conservatives..."

Damn right! There's no way that - despite all the lies, broken promises and spin of this Labour government - I will…

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28 years ago today

Hey - congrats, Dunstan! Bon anniversaire, old chap and all that. I remember being 28. Well, I should do: I was 29 only 1 month ago tomorrow ;)

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July 2004
Version 2

any chance you could rewrite the dropdown script to be more generic and not rely on the html structure quite so much? or point me in the direction of such a solution? i've tried hacking about with…

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May 2004
A shared language

I guess that's your "gaynip" working again, then...

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SMS massaging? I knew my phone had a vibrate mode for a reason!

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April 2004

Love is so short. Forgetting is so long.

--Pablo Neruda

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Some photos of home

Hey - we've got those stars on our ceiling as well. They're great. We have planets too, but they don't glow as much...

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March 2004
Retro: Everyone likes Cox

I keep hearing ads for a law firm here in Michigan: Harness, Dickie and Pierce. Sounds more like instructions to me...

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February 2004
Re-designing comment forms


As has been mentioned, the comment preview is more of an anti-spambot measure than getting "stoopid" people up to speed with spelling, grammar and quality of thought ;)

People should…

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Filed under: Irony

"wrong type of cow"

Yeah - probably. In the spirit of "There's A Bill Bailey Sketch For Every Occasion", though:

"We're sorry for the delay; very heavy fluff from Saturn has surrounded the…

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Hey Dunstan,

I must admit, when I read the post at the WaSP, I thought "some Yank has a rose-tinted view of our railway system". Then I saw that it was written by you, so I knew you were 'avin'…

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Anna Riley, wish number one

Oh, and I agree - I watched Keeping The Faith and thought "impossibly perfect woman!"

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I'd like to be debt-free. Not rich; just a positive net-worth ;)

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January 2004
Swimming with dolphins

+1 on the Bill Bailey, though I'm sure it's an amazing experience (swimming with dolphins, that is).

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December 2003
A Gypsy blessing

> I shall check our boundries for squiggly signs or cartoon pictures of
> cats with no back legs ('kindhearted lady') ;o)

Is that "tea-chalking" ?

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What to get for christmas?

* The Rustboy Book
* Crap Towns: The 50 Worst Places To Live In The UK
* London Orbital: A Walk Around the M25
* Web Design on a Shoestring
* La Revancha Del Tango ~ Gotan Project
* Fast…

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November 2003
Email revisited: Tucson, Arizona (22nd April, 2002)

I don't know about Scotland itself, but there's a Scottish web designer called Paul in Newcastle, who works for… and whose weblog is at…

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Easy CSS drop shadows


I tried this div-less method (see… ) and couldn't get the top and left clearance that it needs to become realistic-looking.

Did you have any…

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