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What to get for christmas?

8th December 2003, late at night | Comments (23)

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So, Christmas draws near, and for the first time ever I’m bereft of ideas of what to ask for. I think I’d quite like a book by your man Tufte, and maybe some Amazon vouchers for things I spot during the coming year, but otherwise my ‘Dear Santa’ list is as empty as can be. Something must be done.

To this end I am activating the Lazy Shopping Web. I need you to tell me what I’m missing out on: what novels, what design books, what toys, what gadgets, what music, what, what, what?

I am here, pen poised, paper pristine, patiently prepared for your thoughts. Lemmie have ’em.

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  1. Ryan Parman:

    Personally, I got tired of friends and family asking what I want for Christmas, Birthdays, and other gift-giving holidays. So I decided to make a list, and simply maintain it throughout the year. This might give you some ideas:

    Posted 31 minutes after the fact
  2. Derek:

    This looks like fun:

    Posted 1 hour after the fact
  3. Colin D. Devroe:

    One of my good friends is a developer for It allows you to maintain a wishlist that spans as many websites as you want, as well as search for others. I think you might wanna look through some public wish lists, they might give you an idea. As well, you can drop whatever is in their wish list into your own.

    Posted 1 hour, 3 minutes after the fact
  4. Keivn McDonagh:

    Thats the exact book I've asked for! Hopefully I'll get it. Maybe you'd like to get some of the others that I've got on my amazon wish list:

    "Information architecture for the world wide web"
    by Louis Rosenfield, Peter Morville

    "A pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction" (Center for enviromental series) by Christopher Alexander

    "The Measure of Man and Woman: Human Factors in Design"
    by Henry Dreyfuss Associates

    "Grid Systems in Graphic Design/Raster Systeme Fur Die Visuele Gestaltung" by Josef Muller-Brockmann

    "The Art of Looking Sideways"
    by Alan Fletcher; Hardcover

    "The Design of Sites: Principles, Processes and Patterns for Crafting a Customer-centered Web Experience"
    by Douglas K. Van Duyne, et al

    "The Elements of User Experience"
    by Jesse James Garrett

    "The Soul of the New Consumer: Authenticity -
    What We Buy and Why in the New Economy"
    by David Lewis, Darren Bridger

    "Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions"
    by Gary Klein

    "Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping"
    by Paco Underhill

    "The Medium Is the Massage"
    by Marshall McLuhan, Quentin Fiore

    So there you go! Merry christmas!

    Posted 1 hour, 14 minutes after the fact
  5. Scrivs:

    You can never go wrong with an iPod. Hmmmmm.....

    Posted 3 hours, 50 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Colin D. Devroe
  6. Colin D. Devroe:

    However, you could go wrong with an iPod in about 18 months. :)

    Posted 7 hours, 5 minutes after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Scrivs
  7. Tim:

    * The Rustboy Book
    * Crap Towns: The 50 Worst Places To Live In The UK
    * London Orbital: A Walk Around the M25
    * Web Design on a Shoestring
    * La Revancha Del Tango ~ Gotan Project
    * Fast Asleep CD+DVD ~ Funki Porcini

    Posted 8 hours, 51 minutes after the fact
  8. Adam Bramwell:

    Ask for a stunt kite! They're cheap, fun, sharable, not work related, span generations, and get you outside and in touch with the Real World.

    And when you get one, give it a name. Mine is Sparky the stunt kite.

    Hear Sparky roar!
    Watch Sparky fly!
    Jump Sparky, jump!

    (i don't have a dog)

    Posted 13 hours, 26 minutes after the fact
  9. Sian:

    The Darkness - Permission to Land
    Skunk Anansie - Stoosh
    Pirates of the Caribbean DVD
    Brother Hood of the Wolf DVD

    Posted 20 hours, 20 minutes after the fact
  10. David House:

    Wow. Exactly the same here! I think I might subscribe to some random web design magazine. Maybe. Or I might just get money (not too much fun to unwrap on Christmas Day though - "Wow, what's in this one?! Another one pound coin! Wow! thanks!")

    Posted 20 hours, 27 minutes after the fact
  11. Noelino:

    Music: Gorillaz, Air, Theivery Corporation, Zero 7 are all good for those more creative moments in life.

    I can't really think of anything else that would be in "christmas" price range.

    New LCD? That'd be nice....

    Posted 20 hours, 43 minutes after the fact
  12. Anon:

    Pope Innocent III action figure: -- all the cool kids have one.

    Posted 23 hours, 54 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Dunstan
  13. Dunstan:

    "Pope Innocent III Action Figure... Comes with removable fancy Pope hat."


    Posted 1 day after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Anon
  14. Zelnox:

    I do not know how much you are into fantasy novels (like stuff by Tolkien), but the "Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn" trilogy by Tad Williams is worth it. Another good series I read was 'The Fionavar Tapestry' trilogy by Guy Gavriel Kay. But I suppose you can borrow from your public library.

    If you want a cool toy, Paul has suggested the iPod. If your music collection is mostly on CDs, you can also try a MiniDisc player (does not play CDs). Or maybe you can just get a good pair of headphones.

    If you want to play games, there are console game machines or a GBA. PC games are available also. Or a new video card. ^_^

    Maybe a portable hard drive would be nice. I find this a better investment than the popular 'USB keys'.

    Or you want to try a bonsai. This requires proper attention.

    I could go on, but you have to be more specific. ^_^

    Posted 1 day, 6 hours after the fact
  15. [m]:

    If you got a car, go for neon. It rocks the balls of half og the mammal world.

    Or buy Need For Speed Underground, that is an option too. Though nsf:u get's boring really fast.

    Posted 1 day, 14 hours after the fact
  16. Jon Hicks:

    I'm not sure meself - but thanks for the link to the Tufte website!

    Posted 1 day, 14 hours after the fact
  17. Aleks:

    "A place so foreign and eight more" by Cory Doctorow

    Posted 2 days, 21 hours after the fact
  18. Asher:

    Get "The Davinci Code" by Dan Brown. It's a great book.

    Posted 5 days, 21 hours after the fact
  19. David Beegle:

    Who wouldn't want a Lomo?

    Posted 1 week after the fact
  20. Andrew:

    At the moment I am really stuck into the `Wheel of Time' series of books by Robert Jordan. A really good read!

    Posted 1 week after the fact
  21. Ed:

    I found this web site a week or two ago. You can make a shopping list for events like Christmas and keep reminder of other people Birthdays etc.
    Maybe it will be of use to someone

    Posted 9 months, 3 weeks after the fact
  22. JuNkO:

    i like to think i am very good on whats hot and whats not, if you haven't got the following, write them down quick before the ideas flutter away like a thistle being blown about in the wind:

    the SIMS urbz in the city
    the SIMS 2
    a series of unfortunate events: the grim grotto (11)
    a sensational (toy that is solar powered, head moves gently from side to side and keeps you calm, releasing happy chemicals)
    sea monkeys
    damien rice music
    school of rock on DVD or video

    Posted 11 months, 1 week after the fact
  23. Johnny Rocket:

    Two things that will make the neighbours drool! I'm asking for them both - I love cool new toys!

    Bring on the winter and the wind!

    Posted 2 years after the fact

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