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A Gypsy blessing

24th December 2003, mid-afternoon | Comments (19)

There was a knock at our front door today. Mum and I got there at the same time and when I opened it up an old tramp was standing in our porch waving a china mug at us.

Can you make me a cop o’ tea please? I got moi own mug you see…

Mum and I both said certainly at the same time. She took his mug, and I led him around back to the conservatory, where he got settled in.

We knocked him up a nice big sandwich, fed him tea, and found a pair of warm gloves for him to take on.

Mum sat out and talked to him for about 40 minutes, (we both remembered hearing that tramps found the lack of conversation very hard to deal with) while I looked after my nephew, Lucas.

It turned out that he was a Gypsy (the tramp, not my nephew) and that he’d been on the road all his life. He said he used to have a rucksack with a sleeping bag in it, but someone had stolen it. He liked our dog, Poppy, and said he was glad it wasn’t too cold today.

As he was leaving he thanked mum for helping him out and said he’d put a gypsy blessing on us and our house for being kind to him.

What a nice way to spend Christmas eve: being blessed by a Gypsy.