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February 2005
I am a kitten

The best thing I find is to take some time to spend alone, somewhere quiet and allow the noise generated by all those ideas shouting for attention to subside. It's not easy but it does help you…

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January 2005
Poppy has puppies

Glad to know you're still alive and congrats to Poppy; I hope mum and the pups are doing well.

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October 2004
Die photos, die!

At last, a positive selling point for those of us who use Windows, maybe they should add that to the list of features.

You could advertise it as 'Random Spam Removal Tool'

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Lemur therapy

I have a long standing feeling about why there are far fewer Brits in therapy than (by movie and TV standards alone) our US brethren: Pubs.

When British men get wound up to the point that they…

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Photoblog navigation woes

I'd have to got with, in order of preference:

1. C

2. B

3. A

My reasoning, simple, in example A the links move about depending on the image size, which means I have to find the damn…

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September 2004
A good clean fight

The first rule of the bed is:

No spitting

The second rule of the bed is:


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Shooting things

- Beginners luck, maybe :o) (Dunstan)

First person arcade games more like.

I'm not a gun nut either, but I'd certainly like to fire one (in a range) at some point.

Great post, as usual.

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August 2004
28 years ago today

Congrats bud, happy birthday.

Did your mum remember what day you were born (unlike Kitta's)?

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July 2004
Version 2

Hot damn that's impressive.

I'm curious though, as a blogger, what does the back-end look like? By that, I mean, what does the 'add new post' screen, 'edit post' screen, etc look like? I'd be…

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Barbequing with the rich and famous

Now we know how they book guests for Jerry Springer - BBQs.

I have to say that most people outside of Europe (not just the US) seem to think that it rains all the time in England (even the…

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June 2004
England 5 Portugal 6

We didn't play well, but we still deserved to win, that goal was fine, we won in the 90 minutes.

Another sorry chapter and dodgy referee's decision puts us out again. We're overdue for some of…

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At Safeway deli counter

He didn't need to be speaking Klingon, if he had been he would have stood more chance of being understood. Most Americans, in my (and the rest of my family's) experience have trouble understanding…

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Busy having fun

I have to say that I had figured that a GF may well have been the reason for a lack of posting.


Mr Smartypants
(AKA Lee)

PS - Have fun.

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May 2004
Dance like nobody’s watching

I got that quote in an email a while back, makes perfect sense to me. Basically: you only get one chance at life, live it to the full no matter what others think.

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Trackback on business sites

I can't see many companies wanting this feature included in their sites. The smaller, customer-focused firms maybe, but every large firm, no matter how good their customer service, has unhappy…

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Glamour, 24/7

Watching Chicago in your undies. No wonder gay men are attracted to you. I think SF is having a disturbing affect on you!

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The last three days

Although a guy who doesn't find Dunstan particularly attractive at all (no offence, this is probably because I'm straight, but talk about competition if I did), I think the Gaynip Club is an…

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Is it just me who is having problems understanding that last post, particularly the relevance to the topic?

Anyway, Gaynip continues. (Kitta will be so pleased her nickname has found such a…

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A shared language

Dunstan is officially a fanny magnet, or... you get what I mean.

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Being single

He's been in the States for all of a week and had two gay advances and now he meets a lady. Dunst you must be positively oozing sex appeal.

Anyone seen Love Actually (reference to America being…

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April 2004
Howdy, from the West Coast

Oh, oh, maybe you need one of these:…

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I really enjoyed SF, except for walking all those hills. Nice sunshine, but a lovely breeze to cool you down.

Obviously you're a gay icon Dunstan, and you only had to go 3000 miles to find that…

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Trip 1: itinerary

"Aiiiiiiiiii YAAAAA!!!"


I have this mental image of Dunstan with bags hanging from both soldiers lashing around in 70s cartoon stylee, yelling and screaming.

I suggest caution whilst…

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The world’s largest unexploded bomb

I've been there!

The old dear won a WWI battlefield tour some time last year which found the old man and I sitting on a coach with a load of war enthusiasts being taken around all the famous…

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Photo manipulation

Aside from the original grainy feel from the film, looking at the original, you can see what I think is strip lighting (or something similar, i.e. fluorescent).

Different lights operate a…

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How about moving you to the Divinely Gifted category instead?

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And the magician reveals his methods.

It's nice to know that even someone who takes fantastic pictures like you do needs help occasionally.

Makes you all the more human I'm afraid, and there…

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I've been a big fan of words for a number of years now, odd considering how bad my English was at school, I still have to work hard at my spelling and my grammar especially. But then, so have many…

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A pair for every day of the week

I like Virgin, I try and fly them whenever I can (Atlantic at least), far better entertainment systems and service than the others (imo). For someone who can't sleep on planes, it's a necessity. …

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Retro: Very arranged marriages

People who like a nice wedding/reception obviously...
...and have too much money...
...or want an excuse to buy a new hat ala Cilla.

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March 2004
Retro: Adventures on Speedway Boulevard

I have noticed that pedestrians are an endangered species during my forays to the states. Less so in California in my experience (my parents lived there for 3 years so I was over a fair…

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Retro: Six generationas of baloney

Come on, there could be all sorts of instructions. This could be real step-by-step:

1) Get a large joint of ham, steam for three days in an iron pot.

While this is happening:

2) Collect…

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Retro: Ordering food in America

I know exactly what you mean. Us brits just aren't used to being given that much choice. The best we get is BK offering to leave things out (like no mayo) but you have to wait ten minutes to get…

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Hands off our milk jug

It's well worth working your way back through these archives, this post made me laugh out loud (no mean feat).

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February 2004
Snow, by torchlight

What the hell do your neighbours think?

I can imagine a conversation such as:

Looking out of window. "What the hell is that?"
"There's some lights dancing about in that…

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Snow, at last

Misplaced my dictionary...

You got my meaning though.

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I love the pics, as usual.

Especially the landscapes. 'The road outside our house' actually has an American small town/road movie feel to it.

Not too keen on the birk in the florescent…

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Tell us everything! Well, not quite everything…

I wasn't suggesting we don't have problems with poor humour (though it's well know British humour is by far the best, the Germans and the Canadians love it apparently) (that's another joke just in…

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"People, some communication, please." LMFAO

I think you'd better add:

And for all you Americans, this is a piece using sarcasm, it's a form of humour, not too far from irony,…

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Easy CSS drop shadows

Dunst, just a quick note to say cheers, must have come after the glithes were ironed out, works fine in IE 5-6 and Moz for me and looks greate (better than the pure CSS drop shadows I…

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Twenty-one photos

Thanks Margaret, but I run Moz 1.4 and although the tooltips appear, all it says is "View a larger version of this image" so it's not very descriptive, I could check the code of course...


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Great pics again.

Two things:

Do you switch shooting modes for the B&W or use the computer?

Can we have some captions, I always find images nicer when I know what I'm looking at.


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January 2004
A scientific weather garden

Now that is fantastic, obviously Dunst gets immense credit for his, but my scientific bent is currently curling it's toes with joy at that Dutch guys header.

I think this could be the wave of…

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Eric Meyer ate my Robot

The thing is, the plane crash was probably caused by someone using pixels and absolute positions on the air traffic control screen

A quick resize and they had no idea the planes were so…

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Swimming with dolphins

Uner grou oer grou, onguing ree, uh omles uh imulun ommon ah ee… - that is just classic. You do have a very engaging writing style, sort of Bill Bryson-esque.

I was in NZ this time last year,…

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Why do authors ruin books?

I'm a big film nerd (and a fairly sizeable bookworm too, my life is boring, who cares?), I've seen more movies than I dare remember, I've got a degree in film, and what you have to bare in mind is…

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Caterpillar, clitoris, butterfly

Aren't Grandma's fantastic, they are the unrecognised comedy geniuses of the world.

Mine wears a hearing aid, but even with it in, she tunes out of conversations, so we constantly have…

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