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February 2006
Another short film of the puppies in the garden

That kind of cute should be illegal :)

Seriously, as I said above I am new to this blog so I want to take it easy with the depth of my comments (which will become ever more chatty as time goes…

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A hello-and-goodbye kind of post

Hi, nothing much to say at this point because I am new to your blog and dont want to comment until I read up on your history here.

Just wanted to say so far, so…

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September 2005
Big dog on Stinson Beach

It's a Newfoundland. My friend has 2 that look exactly like it. They're awesome dogs.

And I love the picture.

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March 2005
Another short film of the puppies in the garden

whose round?

~leans inappropriately on bar, slips off elbow a la Delboy, gives not a toot anyway, smiles in what is allegedly a sexy way but is apparently a lopsided, somewhat tragic smirk~

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awwwww, posted that comment before reading t'others.... luv ya luv ya luv ya puppies, techstuff, strangemothsinbuckets, luv ya anyway, life's too short for pomposososososity, luv ya anyway.…

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Dunstan, I love ya to pizza, but please give more than puppies (damn, they're cuuuute) xxx

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October 2004

To get "super-pc", seeing as my husband is a "pig" (heh heh!), the guy's colour should not even be referred to? Had he been "white", would we have had a colourful title?

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A good clean fight

Many years ago, (and this has only happened once...) I awoke with DH standing next to me, naked except for a long woolly cardigan my mother had handknitted and one ski glove, old boy in hand,…

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September 2004
Rise of the kaddle

I spent a day last week painting out grafitti, and it makes you think... if it's art, then why don't they do it on their own walls?

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Droopy Dog

Ugly, ugly dog. Put me off my cornflakes.

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July 2004
Summer garden

Techno-turd that I am, I have been quite overwhelmed by the I.T. speak on your blog recently, hence the lack of commenting from me, but I was delighted to see these photos, Dunstan! More my thing!…

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June 2004
Transfer tickets

You mean, YOU DON'T KNOW about the TRANSFER ticket??? Well, I'm sorry Sugarbutt, but I am SO not going to be the one to tell you...

#stuffs Tesco tissue in gob#

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Saucer of milk for table three

Oh this is totally hilarious!

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Busy having fun

So money... there I said it!!!

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A quick note to the man standing beside me in the queue for the toilets last Saturday

Weather must be warmer where you are then (couldn't think past the mental image to write something other than about the weather. Sorry)

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May 2004
A shared language

Just give in to the pink.

*wipes tears of laughter from chin*

My 13 year old son, now a strapping and babe-magnetic 5' 9", at the age of about 18mths, once ran after the dustbin lorry,…

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April 2004
Old before its time

Ak says: "i can tell you that your 17inch is nothing to complain about!"

*stuffs hanky into mouth as is not at all techy and can only see the smutty side*

Sorry. so…

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Cheep cheep, baaaa

PMSL at Tony's Pies comment

More gin please.


*returns in bewilderment to piccies of big-eared lambles*

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Retro: Very arranged marriages

Matt said: "I don't agree with the forced imposition of religious beliefs upon others (be that the christening of a child, preaching to others who don't want to hear, or forced marriage)."


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Wow! Eyeopener. In the "brides and grooms" bit, hte majority of likely partners awaiting Matching (in the British newspaper Hatched, Matched and Dispatched state of affairs) are in for a-matching…

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March 2004
Putting your underwear on backwards: the Results

#hastily puts beige mac at the back of the wardrobe, checking over shoulder#

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Pair of pants no. 3, with the "dress to either side, sir" easy access openings for ease and swiftness of ablutions are the most practical, as well as the most reversible. Do tell, do they keep…

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Putting your underwear on backwards

Sian wrote:I'm very sure that I would soon realise that my bra was back to front as things would become very floppy.

There... geddit??? geddit???

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La la la la la, la la la la la la, la la la lalalala... Thiiiing, thing a thooooong...

Memo to self: Point out to Sian that the outline of her nipples (saucy) is showing beneath the leg elastic…

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Walking on Dartmoor

Beautiful, Dunstan. As the kids are getting older (no. 4 in the series is 6 now) I have great plans to kit them out and drag them up to the top of Penyfan, a peak in the Beacons. May not sound…

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When I was…

I can vouch for Sian's cruddy day in work. She inherited it from me because I had it yesterday. She also inherited a huuuge file of work from a colleague who is having difficulty in doing his job…

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February 2004
Filed under: Irony

re no. 9, Tim,

wrong type of cow?

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Cutting your own hair

Hmmm... note to self... "be more obvious with ya damn irony"...

off to trawl the Ann Summers site for a Buzzy Dipper.


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took me AGES to work out what Jon was using to cut his hair... What the heck is a Buzzy Dipper???!!! :o)
Dunstan, you is a regular triangle shaped guy. Sorry? What was that about a haircut???

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January 2004
Soul Brother Number One

Sorry, that's me, that Anon person, that's me that is... sorry. sorry.

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