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July 2005
A hello-and-goodbye kind of post

Just had to say goodbye and thank you; 1976design has always been a source of inspiration and innovation. You've done a great job with this weblog, in every aspect. Your writing was always…

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October 2004
Photoblog navigation woes

A: rubbish. Moving navigation means more mental and physical work on the users part, which is never a good idea.
B: better. Although it puts limitations on the photo sizes, and the distance…

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August 2004
Bowling over 200


Can't say I've ever topped 125 or so.

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Redesign explained: tag transformations

I'm guessing he uses some form of name-mapping system, something like this:

'mum mother "my mum" "Morag Orchard"' => Morag Orchard

which then gets parsed and the system searched through…

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July 2004
Redesign explained: tag transformations

Odd, using Firefox 0.9 on windows XP, not getting that effect.

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By the way, may I suggest using the XSLT functions [1] to display the conversations? It looks pretty complicated markup.

Oh, and comment preview is having a little trouble. The spell check…

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I've just skimmed over this, but it's curious that I developed a WordPress plugin [… for inserting code snippets after reading the original 'version 2' post…

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Redesign explained: time presentation

Yes, good point: thanks for pointing that out. In fact, after a bit of testing, my function tended to run at about 0.000001 seconds faster than Andrew's, but Dunstan's blew us both away running at…

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Oh, and there is a shorter (albeit less intuitive) way of calculating the human-friendly timestamp:

function time_of_date($hr) {
$hr = (int)$hr;
if (3 - $hr) { return 'the wee hours'; }

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Shouldn't the words 'the fact' in the permalink be linked to the top of the entry? Makes more sense that way.

Oh, and the comment numbers bug [1] still is present. Just thought I should…

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Version 2

Yes, I tried that in <a href="#cmnt3176">my later comment</a> and it seems to be working fine. Doesn't your script know which text is the URI? Then it's just a simple matter…

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By the way, I've ripped off that code-snippet system of yours and made a WordPress plugin out of it. Read all about it at my blog [1]


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This is looking rather pretty. Just a couple of thoughts:

I would have used the whole world instead of the beginning letter in the little top-right hand corner icons for comments. I can only…

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June 2004
England 5 Portugal 6

Ah, yes. Forgot you were in the US still. That was a fantastic match, actually! Extremely tense. :)

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1) Dude, get a TV!
2) I still don't understant why Sol Campbell's goal was disallowed.

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May 2004
The curious case of the footloose footwear

Wow, the tenth comment and no-one so far has made a Hitchiker's Guide reference! It's just as predicted, the end of the world as we know it, due to the saturation of the shoe market...

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April 2004
Howdy, from the West Coast

That Catnip link's a little wierd... forgot the closing quote? You may just have lost a paragraph.

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Sour crop

I can give you a couple:

No 1. Hair on the palm of your hand
No 2. Looking for it

(okay, so it works better when said rather than written :))

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Likewise, who was the first person to look at a chicken and think, 'I have a fantastic idea! I'll feed and water that flappy thing, then cook and eat the first thing that comes out of its arse!'

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"Quotation: the art of incorrectly reproducing the words of another".

Can't remember where it came from, but it made me laugh at the time :)

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March 2004
Retro: Six generationas of baloney

Maybe it's a really really complicated sanwich? You know, as bridge is to card games as this sandwich is to... well, making sandwiches.

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CSS drop shadows, extended

Works for me. Sian: what browser? IE won't work it.

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February 2004
Snow, at last

Damn you! We had some snow in the midlands, but not enough to throw around. Snow has to be the best type of weather. Ever.

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Re-designing comment forms

Oh, and the Increase size and Decrease size links no longer look like links, even on hover.

Moz Fx 0.8 running Win XP Home.

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Maybe you take this a step further and add a caption to the bottom of the comment field instead of a list of input boxes — something like 'Your stored details: name: Bob Jones; email:…

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January 2004
Cutting your own hair

I should point out that this is the only recent photo (apart from one where you've been covered by diving gear) we've seen of you! (har har, your secret is out :P)

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Eric Meyer ate my Robot

Oh, and Eric Costello (glish guy) is a WaSP member (…

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Been wondering that for a while. Such a shame that glish went without a whimper, it was a great site, a great resource.

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Adding in tabs, blogmarks and a blogroll

I have to say, the asterisk is a great idea!

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Swimming with dolphins

That sounds great fun! So you think the singing thing actually worked? Don't think those guys were just making you look like a fool?

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Why do authors ruin books?

Yeah, same here, but I take it waaay too far and go completely overestimate everything, and end up with a completely wrong idea. Basically.

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Caterpillar, clitoris, butterfly

Not to be over piccy, but your XML isn't well formed ;)


note the spelling.

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December 2003
Foggy morning

Wow, you're lucky. I love fog. We didn't get any where I live. Fog's great when it's really really foggy and you can't see anything :)

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Playdo people

Woah... spitting image! That's great!

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A Gypsy blessing

Wow that's really nice!

Say thanks to your mum from me, for the Gypsie. Or something.

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Can't say I have...

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Be nice to sheep

About the Command Line thing:
1) Open Command Prompt (or restart in DOS)
2) type 'cd "path/to/program.exe x"' where x is a space-seperated list of parameters. For example, in my C++ compiler, the…

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Apples and pears

Wierd. You and Jon Hicks both posted something about Gardening recently!

(okay, so it's not that amazing.)

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The ginger line continues

>fears there is nowhere to go
Lol, especially when you provide your URI ;)

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What to get for christmas?

Wow. Exactly the same here! I think I might subscribe to some random web design magazine. Maybe. Or I might just get money (not too much fun to unwrap on Christmas Day though - "Wow, what's in this…

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I will now count backwards from ten

Awesome colour scheme. *stealifies*

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God is in the typos

Lol. Maybe, but I think it would be slightly less sublte than that ;)

If the air seems loud get a louder computer.

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November 2003
Shhh, it’s a secret

You're asking 'why?' when the real question should be 'why not?'.

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