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Playdo people

29th December 2003, late morning | Comments (9)

Playdo faces

My nephew, Lucas, made some playdo people last night while his mum and dad and I were at the cinema watching Lord of The Rings.

I understand he had some help with ‘Grandma’ (and possibly with ‘Grandad’), but ‘Uncle Dunstan’ was all his own work.

He’s two and a half.

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Comments (9)

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  1. Pedro:

    So young and already a funnyman :D

    Posted 18 minutes after the fact
  2. David House:

    Woah... spitting image! That's great!

    Posted 22 minutes after the fact
  3. Cheah Chu Yeow:

    I think Uncle Dunstan's missing several vital facial organs :D

    Posted 49 minutes after the fact
  4. Sian:

    I'm sure Lucas will be an artiste in the truest form when he grows up.

    Posted 1 hour, 17 minutes after the fact
  5. Dris:

    Hahaha! That's great!

    Now I want to go get some playdo.

    Posted 1 hour, 48 minutes after the fact
  6. David Clain:

    Whoa, Dunstan! I never realized you looked... so...

    Looks like you've got some serious competition on the design front, though. ;-)

    Posted 5 hours, 36 minutes after the fact
  7. Scott Johnson:

    Dunstan, do you have a photo of yourself for comparison? ;-)

    Posted 14 hours, 20 minutes after the fact
  8. Hillary:

    So young and so creative! This is really good, I think that you consider putting it to an art school. It should be an artist. Really great!

    Posted 2 months after the fact
  9. Bonnie:

    I can see the likeness

    Posted 7 months, 1 week after the fact

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