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July 2005
A hello-and-goodbye kind of post

Heck. A Dunstan-shaped whole left in the universe :o(

There's a certain irony in that text below the textarea - "Store your Name, Email, and URL for next time?". Next time?! Sob...

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March 2005
Another short film of the puppies in the garden

I'm just waiting for you to do a techie post so that I can complain about the lack of puppy videos...

(BTW Dunstan - why does my name show up as '', when I've quite clearly…

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Excellent, the best yet - but how on earth do keep up with them damn puppies? And why hasn't your iSight thwacked a rock or something yet?

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January 2005
A short film of the week-old puppies

Forget working at Apple - the BBC Natural History unit at Bristol needs you urgently!

I'd like to see more of these short films Dunstan-0-Scope please.

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October 2004
Die photos, die!

"Die photos, die!" ?! Chicken!!!

First mistake of the day, clicking the "I offer up this visual image in place of a written response." link while sitting next to my daughter. ahem...

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Diet Pepsi, the choice of Athlets

Yeah, its the Aspartame. Its been linked to Osteoporosis, heart palpitations and all sorts of badness. Doesn't stop me drinking 2 litres a day though...

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September 2004
I love soliciting

Looks as if its been slapped onto Hal from 2001...

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August 2004
The Shadow/Highlight tool in Photoshop CS

I've effortlessly arsed up many a photo with this tool ( I know 'RTFM'). Thanks for the link to a tutorial

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May 2004
Glamour, 24/7

Sheesh. Watching musicals in nothing but pants? San Francisco has gone to your head!! They wouldn't let you get away with that in the ol' Stoat and Ferret back home...

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April 2004
Old before its time

That's exactly how it happens to me when I buy new kit. Without fail, within a week an upgraded model is released for the same price. My powerbook, my G5 and my iPod, and my Canon digital…

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Cheep cheep, baaaa

I've not seen 'Gouranga' or any football related scrawl yet, but last week I did see a Wessex Saddleback Pig with 'Thank God for Jesus' written in felt tip.

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Jennifer - animal graffitti is becoming a real problem in rural England. Creatures as diverse as cows and owls have been known to be vandalised in this shocking manner. What's more, they seem to be…

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Some photos of home

Love the new header illustration! Achtung!! Achtung!!!

As for posting images of your bedroom on the web, well you're going to attract certain nutters for sure...

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March 2004
Putting your underwear on backwards: the Results

But wait! If this is a true scientific experiment, where is the control?! Where are the pants that were on THE RIGHT WAY? Eh?

The producer of the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures will be on…

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When I was…

Ever feel like your life is dull and uneventful? I do now!

You make me larf moy ruddy 'edd off you do...

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February 2004
Poppy and the corn field

"You know, I could really do with another person to help when I'm taking photos of her."

So_that's_what I'm going to be doing this weekend! ;o)

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Poppies everywhere

That title wouldn't be spoofing 'Teletubbies Everywhere' now would it? ;o)

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Cutting your own hair

Thats Trebuchet for you!

Buzzy Clipper - Electric hair clippers
Buzzy Dipper - Probably a sex toy, and therefore ineffectual in hair cutting (but boy does your scalp feel good...)

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Dynamic @import CSS files using PHP

Wow - I had no idea you could do this! It opens up so many possibilities.

And just as Safari 1.2 solves the over-caching issue ! ;o)

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Anna Riley, wish number one

A good uninterupted nights sleep.

But if thats not possible I'll settle for a scotch egg.

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January 2004
Cutting your own hair

I agree with (C). I've done it myself with buzzy clippers. Feels like sheep-shearing, except your the sheep as well. I seem to remember the back of head had a very post-modern feel to it.

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Our garden and the surrounding fields

You get nice detail with that there fancy camera o' yours!

Thanks! I was hoping for more of these...

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How I got involved in web development

Oh, I used to have an Acorn Electron! Wasn't much good apart from playing 'Chuckie Egg'.

I trained to be a widlife illustrator, and had planned to spend my life painting birds. The market is…

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On a walk with the dog

I love these visual entries you do, the photos are always very evocative. Keep 'em coming...

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Rudy Limeback

There was plenty of teasing from her friends at nursery the next day, so I think she's learnt her lesson...

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Cool! I was discussing 'CSS First-child selectors and their use in hiding unsupported properties from IE PC' with my 2 year old daughter only yesterday. She maintains that such selectors are bad…

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Tender is the night

So did the Rhubarb taste a bit like decomposing Rabbit one year? Hmmm....

What are the buildings to the left BTW? Is that the roofline we see in your banner?

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December 2003

Wierd, I never use it...

...but I really like the they way they look. Not reason enough to keep it I know...

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Apples and pears

Hey Dunstan - do you fancy doing Gardeners Question Time with me this weekend? :)

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What to get for christmas?

I'm not sure meself - but thanks for the link to the Tufte website!

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