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On a walk with the dog

17th January 2004, late evening | Comments (5)

Our local fields are always interesting:

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  1. Jon Hicks:

    I love these visual entries you do, the photos are always very evocative. Keep 'em coming...

    Posted 1 hour, 17 minutes after the fact
  2. Nicole:

    So are those mad cows? ;)

    Posted 3 hours, 44 minutes after the fact
  3. S T E F:

    You've got impossibly beautiful sceneries around your place. And you've got the eye to take photos too. Congratulations. I love the pics, thanks for sharing.

    Posted 1 day, 9 hours after the fact
  4. Shauna:

    gorrrrrrrrrgeous photos! i hope you went and got a tractor or something to help drag those cows out ;)

    Posted 4 days, 10 hours after the fact
  5. Markku:

    Nice work on the two B&W photos! :)

    Posted 1 week after the fact

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