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Tender is the night

10th January 2004, late evening | Comments (8)

In our garden, the vegetable garden, there sits a terracotta bell. It’s about knee high and the top lifts off so you can peer into the gloom at the soil below…

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An ASP version of time_since

10th January 2004, mid-afternoon | Comments (16)

A while back, Natalie Downe published a very helpful bit of PHP code called time_since, which represents dates as the number of years, months, days, hours and minutes that have passed since that date. For example: “2 days, 6 hours and 9 minutes ago” rather than the more traditional “Thurs 8th January 2003 at 07:00”…

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Friendly error handling

10th January 2004, the wee hours | Comments (18)

I’m going to blow my own horn here for a moment, *toot*, and say I’m pretty pleased with the error handling on this site.

I’ve already mentioned the 404 error pages I’ve set up, but I’ve also taken the time to ensure that any other typos, broken links, or mistakes on my part give the user some friendly and helpful feedback.

Let’s try and generate some errors on the site and see what happens…

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