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Why do authors ruin books?

6th January 2004, late morning | Comments (12)

So, I’m reading a book, a novel, and it’s a murder mystery. The characters are well written, the evil guy is very evil, and I’m rather enjoying it. It is designated my official Book To Read On The Loo for the time being.

But then, about halfway in, there are a few paragraphs that seem to exist for no reason other than to say Um, hello? Hello, you there, yes you, on the loo, reading this book, can you see me? Ah good, so, I just wanted to point out, that this scene is by way of being a flashing light and blaring horn to alert you to the fact that the nice chap is not a nice chap at all, but in fact a stone-cold killer with deep-rooted mental problems and… well blow me, it rather looks like he’s our killer. Now there’s a turn up for the books, eh? So, that’s the plot ruined for you, I’ll, er, I’ll be off now, things to do and so on. Cheerio!

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