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Caterpillar, clitoris, butterfly

2nd January 2004, early evening | Comments (16)

Last week my cousin showed my Grandma an abstract photograph and asked her to guess what it was:

A clitoris
Oh no! I got muddled up, I mean a chrysalis!

Soul Brother Number One

2nd January 2004, early evening | Comments (7)

The other day my dad and I watched a documentary on the life of James Brown, The God Father of Soul. It’s not often that you watch an English-language documentary, interviewing English-speaking people and you find that subtitles are required…

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Foster’s School

2nd January 2004, early evening | Comments (14)

In 1991 the grammar school that my brother and I both attended was closed and knocked down amidst a reorganisation of secondary education in Sherborne. Foster’s School had been open since 1640 (though the building we attended was only built in 1939) providing first class education to boys for 363 years.

With a total of roughly 150 pupils at any one time, and the pupil to teacher ratio hovering around 12:1 it was no surprise that my GCSE year achieved the highest pass rate in the country (100%).

I mention this because recently our old headmaster laid the school’s original foundation stone (rescued from demolition) in the new residential development that now sits on the site.

I had such a wonderful time at that school, it’s nice to know it hasn’t been entirely removed from this world.