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February 2005
World's first? Wimax for train commuters

Coming out of Paddington on the train there are a whole bunch of free wi-fi signals happening, of course they are only of use when the train has to stop for no reason and how often does that happen?

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January 2005
Scrap lying on his back

Admit it, right after this was taken you started poking him in the stomach.

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September 2004

Tough on bling. Tough on the causes of bling.

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August 2004
Facts from Oliver Letwin

On a related note, did you know that as part of the examination to be upgraded from constable to sergeant police officers have to go through a two day political correctness exam? That's two days…

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June 2004
Busy having fun

I'd like to know how you got such a loaded girlfriend. Clearly with a garden like that in a city like that, she's got to have some cash. Kudos.

P.S. You do realise that by being in the states…

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May 2004
The curious case of the footloose footwear

If you wander around looking for a book you'll never find one. Start a trend, buy a book and leave it lying around somewhere with the instructions.
For other free things see also:
1000 journals:…

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Dance like nobody’s watching

Eat Spaghetti like you're not going to get it all over your chin and embarress yourself in front of your girlfriend's parents.

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Two favourite posts

I feel somehow wrong saying what my favourite personal post is but I once wrote down the comprehensive rules governing shotgunning the passenger seat in a car. That's got to be worth…

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April 2004
Sour crop

Surely if it is acidic you should pour a lot of baking soda down it's throat and watch as it erupts like a primary school science fair project?

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March 2004
Retro: Adventures on Speedway Boulevard

Don't worry Dunstan, even famous travel writers give up walking in America; Bill Bryson writes something scarily similar to the above, but with less hilarious bank-robber/scabby-nose fun.

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Server swap

Don't worry! The content is there, and the comments work, and most importantly Naked Dunstan is still Naked Super Dunstan. What else do you need?

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I love the blog role
"belle de jour"
-1 years, 12 months ago.


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Putting your underwear on backwards

While I approve of your experiment, you obviously haven't considered all the variables. Have you not thought that perhaps it was due to yesterday's warmer temperatures that caused the pants to…

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When I was…

When I was seven I emptied a bag of building blocks of my brothers head from the top bunk.
When I was nine I opened a bedroom door in my brothers face and gave him a black eye.
When I was twelve…

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February 2004
Dynamic @import CSS files using PHP

Not wanting to be stupid, but why couldn't you have just put something in like <?php include"path_to_file/$timeweatherva… ?> (I'm almost sure the code is wrong there, but you get the…

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Anna Riley, wish number one

The power of flight!

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January 2004
Eric Meyer ate my Robot

No, the crash was caused because God followed the WC3 standard box model when he coded the mountains. However those pesky air traffic controllers were using ie 5.0. Would they listen when Glish…

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