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January 2005
Scrap lying on his tummy

I have *never* ever heard a comparison between a penis and a fat mouse. Never.

/Looks warily at groin area.

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December 2004
A new job

The dingo ate him!

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November 2004
A new job

Congradulations Dunstan! That's just plain awesome.

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September 2004

Tumpetboy: I think "African-american" has been dropped for "black" now ("black" is the new black). The PC crowd does have an ever changing standard of correctness.

I'm not an american, so I…

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July 2004
Barbequing with the rich and famous

Are you sure?? My sources were so wrong... soo wrong...

What next, will you tell me that platipii aren't the true rulers of Australia??!!

The mind boggles.

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Aahh... most Americans aren't so badly educated. But the others are the ones that stick in your memory. I was asked once if we had roads here in México. Which is quite eery, given we're neighbors…

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June 2004
Mission Delores Park

Yo hablo mexicano. La tuna es buena. Los muchos tamales me como en casa de Juanita. Pedro es los novio de las muchacha del pueblos.

Like... Totally.

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May 2004
Glamour, 24/7

I second Debbie! Duns: *What about the girl??*

I could actually improve my glamour by hanging out with you. My weekends have much less pizzazz.

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Being single

I'm something of a compulsive phone-getter. I'll strike up a conversation with a girl, chat her up, and after a while, decide that I really don't like her all that much, but by then she's endured…

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April 2004
Old before its time

Here (… ) is what I think of the 17" pb...

The 15" one is sweet, though.

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Photo manipulation

Photo manipulation takes many forms. You can switch lenses to get a bigger depth of field, use filters on the camera, and post processing is pretty common, too. We used to do it in the dark room,…

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Good thing you remember the relationship kindly. Always a good thing...

How long has it been?

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March 2004
Web of the Day

Oh, suuuuuure... As soon as I go and get it, *everyone*'s doing it. Yeah. Bah. Thunder stealer. And... stuff. Yeah!

Congrats Dunstan. You're teh awezoms!

Incidentally - The underwear study?…

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February 2004
Filed under: Irony

You brits think you own Irony! But you... don't!

In fact, Monty Python owns it!

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Firefox errors and Firebird extensions

Since Texturizer has been slashdotted to hell, all those in need of Firefox extensions can go to this nifty place:

Works like a charm.

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January 2004
Cutting your own hair

Oh, oh! a web standards posse! can I be on it?

I cut my own hair recently too, but I didn't go for the skilled thing. Just trimmed it all the way with a machine. As it turns out, the back of the…

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