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November 2004
Applying CSS to external services

This would be a nice service to offer to web developers that need a fast solution. Maybe I will convince the guys on my team to knock one up some day!

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September 2004
Rise of the kaddle

"why don't they do it on their own walls?"

Why, because a lot of the time the placement of the graffiti is paramount to the artistic meaning. For example;

In a city where I used to live,…

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July 2004
Version 2

Looking good dunstan, I look forward to reading more about it over the next few entries.

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June 2004
Mission Delores Park

All I know is that sometimes, the Americans are NOT speaking English! ;)

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Busy having fun

Nice one D! It's cool to know that your having a good time over there! Now go and break that record, no more posts for another two weeks maybe? Maybe when you do, you can tell us a bit more about…

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April 2004
Old before its time

I think mr Richard Rutter would be able to understand your pain:

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The world’s largest unexploded bomb


Sorry, I couldn't help my self!

Back to the moon!

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Sour crop

"infatuation with distorting your face in the mirror"

Ahem, I was just doing that. I'm worried for me own sanity now. Ohhh, loooook, the moooooon!

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Yeah Dunstan, I am interested in the other sure ways of being marked a looney also. Maybe it can become a new series of yours?

'The One Sure Way Of Being Marked A Looney Of The Week'

If you…

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Cheep cheep, baaaa

Well, we can't blaim that one on the Jews! They're not to fond of Pigs or Jesus.

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*Looks up* ^^ *Dunstan beat me to the first post*

Yeah I did wonder about that. :)

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It's a very nice cliche though. Here is another one;

It is better to have loved and lost, that to have never loved at all.

It's over used, and cliched, but true. Of course I don't know if you…

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Tidying up

Well, D Boy. I can say one thing; I will be starting back at the Gym next week. I have left it slip because of work. But if you can do it, the busy man you are, then I have no excuses.

Plus it…

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You like to get your back on here don't you?…

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A pair for every day of the week

"Hairdresser?" - Aye! A Traveling Hairdresser.

But wait, my Aunt is a Hairdresser that runs her own Salon. And she only ever seems to keep one pair of scissors around her person (which I take…

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I might be the only person that hasn't worked this one out, but, what on earth would a person need SEVEN pairs of scissors for?

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Retro: Arizona poems (in jest)

No worries. If I didn't notice it someone else would have.

So, I don't know PHP much, what does gmmktime() do?

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Retro: Very arranged marriages

"preaching to others who don't want to hear"

How is a preaching person to know that someone doesn’t want to hear what they have to say before they hears it, or says they don’t want to hear?…

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Some photos of home

ARGH! I missed the April Fools header!

Any chance of a link to see it?

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March 2004
Retro: Adventures on Speedway Boulevard

I'm not a 'City Boy' either, but I would say that we have some 'nasty eating places' you can find in most big cities here in the UK. I dont think they are Waffle Houses, they are more like big…

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Retro: Arizona poems (in jest)

Oh yeah, it doesn't really matter at all that todays date isn't highlighted. I just thought it might be a nice touch. But, then, the whole thing might get a bit cluttered.

The 'doy-of-post'…

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No worries.

However, that would be a good idea also; if it was to highlight the current day/date.

Dunstan? Do you hear? lol.

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Max, that was exactly my point. :p

Mark, dude, Dunstan has asked that we don't bash the Merikans. How about that!

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Hey , I just noticed that your calendar is out of sync. It tells me that today is Saturday.

Or is it just my mind playing tricks on me, wishing it was saturday and that I didn't have to work…

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"Name their youngest daughters Ray" - anyone you met out there? Ray, I mean?


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Retro: Six generationas of baloney

Maybe it was a Perfectly Normal Beast sandwitch?

And everybody knows that they are special.

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Retro: Ordering food in America

"...some mushrooms from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and some baked guava halves as well."

Man! I almost read right through that bit without even thinking about the hyperbole. I had to go…

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Web of the Day

Haha! Some great comments there.

Well done dunstan. It's really funny becuase I was just looking for info on RSS feeds, came across feedster, thought to my self;

"I wonder if some of the…

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Walking on Dartmoor

Penyfan! That's not far from where I live. That is Cwmgors, near Ammanford & Pontardawe.

I went up to Penyfan area sledging in the snow the other day.

8 inches of snow you say you have?…

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Your 'stone circle pano' is so very nice!!

I was also in the Lake District at about September time. We found a great camp site that overlooked Lake Windermere, and I woke up to the most…

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Retro: There ain’t no water in that there river

Can't wait for that one Dunstan!

Great stuff yet again. Good story, and good writting it also.

Since you are such a good writter, I can only hope that this is so, becuase you have taken a…

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CSS drop shadows, extended

So why do you prefer IE over firefox normally?

I dont want to flame or anything. Everyone is entitled to their choice of browser.

I'm just interested.

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Hmmm, who cares about IE?? Only kidding.

Dunstan; I did a little follow up to Sergio's article. you have probably seen it from the discussion. But if…

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Missing socks

why is that when someone posts a poem, everyone who comments on it will reply in like manner?

Makes me laugh ...

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Light Angels

Wow - seems you guys had a great geek weekend. Good on you!

It just a shame that there are not enough geekchicks to invite along also!

Unless someone can prove me wrong - please do!


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