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July 2005
A hello-and-goodbye kind of post

Well, I guess my morning ritual of clicking over here will have to be reworked. :)

Best of luck!

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March 2005
Another short film of the puppies in the garden

Well, I don't have the ambition to download the video file, but the cute little still shot above is good enough for me. So adorable! It looks like the puppy is high-stepping.

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January 2005
Scrap lying on his back

Wow, that is one seriously adorable puppy.

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August 2004
Swallows and Frogs

It's pretty impressive that you managed to catch the swallow from below. Very nice photo.

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July 2004
A weekend away at Sea Ranch

I'm going to go with giraffe. There are a lot of them on the northern California coastline, right?

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Barbequing with the rich and famous

Agreed, Dru. Being originally from a middle state of the US (South Dakota), I've been asked if we have running water, if we ride horses to school, etc. Today, on a flight from LA to Seattle, I…

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May 2004
Being single

Blogging while drunk? For shame!

Of course, I can't say I haven't done it. Or made drunken phone calls, or sent drunken emails...but I digress.

But yours? I must say it was quite well…

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April 2004
Cheep cheep, baaaa

Well, now that I think about it...we always painted the number on the lambs as well -- with an extra little mark to indicate if the lamb was a twin or triplet (or, god forbid, quadruplet).


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Haven't you across-the-pond-ers heard of ear tags? Sheesh. ;-)

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Retro: Very arranged marriages

"If I were to stand on a box on the local high street one Saturday afternoon and enlighten the world that I'd discovered Cascading Style Sheets, and that it changed my life, You'd think I should be…

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Some photos of home


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March 2004
Retro: Adventures on Speedway Boulevard

My question is, what the heck does that sign mean? Walk really fast? Try to walk while creating a circular current around your legs?

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Flexible floats

I can also confirm that IE 6.0 (SP 1) crashes when I resize the browser window. Firefox 0.8 works like a breeze, however. I'm running Windows 2000.

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Retro: Ordering food in America

My diet Sunkist nearly went out my nose. Thanks for the laugh.

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Retro: Everyone likes Cox

Actually, it's a common last name where I grew up. There were several Cox', so to speak, in my high school.

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Walking on Dartmoor

Looks wonderful, the river especially with so much riparian forest surrounding it.

But, then, you make me jealous as I look out at the snow here.

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February 2004
Snow, at last

Ok, fine, your dog is cute.

(Which is saying a lot, given that I am not what one would call an "animal lover").

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Re-designing comment forms

Once again, you've brought up an interesting subject. Reminds me of the calendar topic a while back.

I must say it is nice to get right to writing my comment if my other details are already…

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Twenty-one photos

I like the little lamby (suffolk, perhaps?) in the red coat. A black lamb (or one that stays black) is somewhat rare, at least in my experience, so it makes the picture all that much better. :)

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Pickled Peppers

I had to read it out loud as fast as I could. You know, just to see if I could.

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Filed under: Irony

Maybe your accent obscured the irony...

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Anna Riley, wish number one

Girl wish: I would like to own a professional sports team (along with the operating cash of Ted Turner). I'm not too picky about the sport -- basketball, football (either interpretation),…

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January 2004
Photos of chickens and the garden

That's some beautiful

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Our garden and the surrounding fields

Hmmm. I suppose that's why it doesn't look like any rhubarb I've ever seen.

Of course, if I had followed the pictures (even a little) I probably could have figured out that it wasn't rhubarb.

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Very vivid and wonderful, Dunstan. What plant is that single bud? Also, I have never seen rhubarb in those colors. Wow.

It's nice to see that stuff is still green in some places. Here,…

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Eric Meyer ate my Robot

I love the 'About' summarizing line: "The goal is to kick ass."

And, um, it seems I'm one of those people that hasn't update their links -- I still have a link to in my programming…

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On a walk with the dog

So are those mad cows? ;)

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Calendar girl

That's a fine, fine piece of artistry. I wish I had graphical design skills. I mean just a few. I would take even a thimbleful of graphic design talent.

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An ASP version of time_since

"That's it, it doesn't matter what timezone they're in - minutes and hours are the same everywhere, so 2 hours ago will be 2 hours ago everywhere."

Sure, that's what rational Mr. Dunstan would…

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In typical overanalyzing fashion, I think "so was that two days since the poster's time or two days ago relative to my time." Then, I think, "So was that January 8th or 9th that it was posted? …

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Friendly error handling

Here's to wishing I could channel even half of your ambition into my site.

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Why do authors ruin books?

I like to ruin mystery books (or movies) for myself by overanalyzing. I usually think, "Oh this guy is strangely charming and nice and is positively ripe for being the bad guy." And, sure enough,…

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December 2003
Foggy morning

Beautiful fog photos, Dunstan. Sadly, winter here is mostly too darn cold for fog to be any sort of a factor.

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A Gypsy blessing

Happy Holidays (from across 'the pond')!

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Well, I continue to be impressed by the amount of thought you put into this. I would have probably just axed it ten minutes after posing the question. I tend to be a bit brash…

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I can't say I've ever used your calendar. Or mine, now that I think of it...

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