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July 2005
A hello-and-goodbye kind of post

Aww. Sad to see you going, but I'll just say "take care" and "thanks for all the sweet postings". See ya around, mate.

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May 2005
A new job

Nice work, have fun, good luck. And let us know how it goes :D

(Better late then never I guess)

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February 2005
Cutting your own hair

I cut my hair with my friend's vaccuum hair cutter. I tell you, it was a total nightmare! Everyone started rolling their eyes up and down my head and kept on saying "nice hair".

You look…

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A short film of the puppies at 13-days old

I still think kittens are cuter. :p…

I rest my case.

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January 2005
A short film of the week-old puppies

The bug is caused because you set overflow:hidden, if you just remove it it's fine:

ol#cmnts-list li.dunstan {
background-position: 464px 0px;

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Poppy has puppies

Looks like someone forgot to drown something.

I may be biased, but I reckon a kitten could have one of them any day.

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Audio tape to MP3

Check out
They don't have Mac support at the moment, but they say they might add support for Linux and MacOS in the future.

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October 2004
Photoblog navigation woes

For me:

B = 1
A = 2
C = 3

B - there are 2 next and two previous links to choose from, I like a choice, also requires no mouse movement while clicking through.

A - again there are 2 next…

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I agree with the general concensus that it's:

1. C
2. B
3. A

It seems to me that photoblogs are the perfect place to promote the usage of accesskeys. I understand there are some issues in…

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September 2004
Shoes on a wire

Nice shot.

Great anti-commercial for Nike. I can just hear the voice over.

"Buy our shoes, throw them and athletics away. Go sell drugs. Just do it!"

Oh and your "preview" button…

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Aww, and I thought Dunstan had found the wonderful town of Spectre [as featured in the movie Big Fish… ]. ;)

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August 2004
Re-designing comment forms

Totally agree Dunstan, I been getting some really irrelevant comments on my Blog - guess what - I been busy deleting them. Sad but true.



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Swallows and Frogs

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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28 years ago today

Happy Birthday, Dunstan!!

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July 2004
Redesign explained: tag transformations

Yum, yum! I like dinner! The rest is boring stuff (kidding, kidding. Very interesting, indeed. Thanks for sharing!)

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Wow. You really have too much time on your hands. :-)

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Laptops as social aids

Of course, you could also use Icecast to serve an Ogg Vorbis stream that many people could listen to at the same time, and it doesn't trap you into using a Mac. You could also use regular…

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June 2004
England 5 Portugal 6

Lol, Portugal deserved that game, fair-square.

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April 2004
Howdy, from the West Coast

Just a warning. Since you are "the gay equivalent of Catnip", I recommend you stay away from Castro, the gay section of SF.

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March 2004
Walking on Dartmoor

Are those ponies or miniature horses? I met a couple who raised miniature horses in Kentucky but were very clear that they were not ponies - they were full-grown horses.

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CSS drop shadows, extended

Perhaps a CSS Drop-Clothing technique? And yet your character adds clothing, hmm... I like how the figure blushes when focus is sent his way; he gets more color in his skin and then proceeds to…

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When I was…

You'd have had no chance with the Scottish Widows lady -- her dad was James Bond. ;)


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February 2004
Tell us everything! Well, not quite everything…

Hey, how come Osama's not listed on your Blogged People page? :)

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Twenty-one photos

When I said "there's an extension for Mozilla browsers" I should have restricted that to Mozilla and Firefox (not Thunderbird).

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Since so many page authors use the ALT attribute instead of TITLE, there's an extension for Mozilla browsers:…

Works well for me (Firefox 0.8/Win2k).

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Filed under: Irony

When you visit San Francisco, Dunstan, you can use's service to get real-time transit information (for Muni trains in the city and the 22 Filmore bus). I've used it in the past (when I…

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Firefox errors and Firebird extensions

Oops, my backslashes got stripped. Hope that still makes sense. :)

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If, like me, you deleted Firebird a while back but want to give Firefox a go, and are getting the error Dunstan describes, you'll need to go into your profile directory [e.g. in Win XP it'll be…

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More syndication feeds added

Thanks, Dunstan! In the RSS feeds for your Blogmarks (all 4 RSS versions), there is a missing "/" between the folders "blogmarks" and "[year]" (currently "2004"), breaking the links.


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Anna Riley, wish number one

Someone has to do it:

I'd wish for 3 more wishes. ;)

Failing that, Angelina Jolie will do quite nicely, ta very much.

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January 2004
A scientific weather garden

I've been wondering about that for some time now. Dunstan, I should have prefaced my comments with a sentence about my lack of expertise in PHP! Thanks for the enlightenment, Chris.

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Wow, I was *this close* to sending you, Dunstan, some ideas about your Safari CSS issue (downloading all div#scene bg images) when this post "cropped up." :) So add a Python script as number…

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Adding in tabs, blogmarks and a blogroll

The "differently-coloured list bullet" is a bit subtle -- I didn't notice it until you pointed it out. What about putting a small horizontal rule under the last one in the set of new b-marks? [Not…

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Swimming with dolphins

I'm very jealous -- I'd love to swim with dolphins. It does remind me of something Bill Bailey [] once said though:

'It's such a weird thing to want to do. The…

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December 2003

"I think its days are numbered..."

Of course they are, it's a calendar! Come to mention it, I haven't used the calendar but I haven't considered it to be unnecessary links either. Plus, the…

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November 2003
Come on England

Undisputed. Johnny Wilkinson for Prime Minister! Helluva drop goal at the end, you've got to admit. Just when we needed it too.

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Ahem. Just watched it. :D:D:D:D:D:D

(no offence to any rugby-following aussies)

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Slightly scary

I'd say pulling them out, but that might be due to the fact that I've been called a Maoscist (sp?) before.

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The image is beautiful, and I like the linked sites. Especially the m-net one.

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A visual guide to navigating blog comments

Nice system. Intuitive, and different, and ultimately useful :)

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