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October 2004
Photoblog navigation woes

I'm with option C.

Reason being, the less movement of the mouse the better (Option A requires too much).

Secondly, I prefer to see photos in full size, without the necessity of resizing them…

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July 2004
Version 2

Fantastic work as always Dunstan. Was checking the site randomly last night and when I saw that only the blog section was down I knew something good was coming.

Must say the comment…

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June 2004
England 5 Portugal 6

Love those expressions Duncan.
It all had a kind of inevitabality about it don't you think? "We woz robbed" a penalty spot.

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Your facial expressions remind me of this site:

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Saucer of milk for table three

I think you left out a closing tag somewhere in there, unless you've decided to put quotations around every item on your site now. :)

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May 2004
Trackback on business sites

"The Cluetrain Manifesto" [] may be of interest here?

It's not a meme any more, and even its authors have stepped back from some of the theses; but most businesses would…

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Glamour, 24/7

You lead a most glamorous lifestyle! Should we even be permitted to read your blog? :)

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The making of a Hollywood car chase

Bullitt truly is the greatest car chase movie ever. The French Connection, Ronin, and Blues Brothers were great and all, but nothing will ever equal Bullitt.

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Two favourite posts

For me, myself, its when my personal forums came under attack from communists (i kid you not) -… - a most unusual thing.

For other blogs, actually, i…

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My favourite sound is the sound of three of my kids enjoying themselves immensely.

My least favourite sound is the waffling of my inept boss at work.

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Foster’s School

Peter : you could try one of the community sites (need to register), or email Mike Goode and ask for contacts

...There are links for this on my brother's site [ ], and to…

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Howdy, from the West Coast

I am not jealous of your travels one bit! (Quietly sobs in the corner)

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A shared language

Hah! Excellent entry - had several people looking at melaughing in the office...

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April 2004
Trip 1: itinerary

I am in southern Illinois. You should stop by.

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Tidying up

I can see why you are using DVD's to back up your photos, it's a secure portable media. As a general geeky-backing-up-type-comment though I have found the easiest way to back up my data is to…

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March 2004
Retro: Arizona poems (in jest)

Naw, I'm living in america.
That's how the majority of people are.

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That's not just Arizona...
The majority of Americans fit that description.

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Retro: Everyone likes Cox

Great post and replies... Cox is big around here, so to speak. :) I'm in Oklahoma City and they seemed to have swallowed the market.

Also here in OKC we have a cardboard box company called "The…

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February 2004
Snow, by torchlight

I want Chinese food!

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Snow, at last

I want to live in england:(. It stopped snowing here quite a while ago. I've never seen show on daffodils before, they always come AFTER the snow :(. Poppy's adorable. *hugs* -out-

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Poppy and the corn field

My jack russel isn't like that at all.
She loves getting her picture taken.
She'll even pose.
Ironically enough her name is Sassy.

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