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On a slow safari to Dunstan-ville

9th January 2004, late at night | Comments (4)

If you’re a Safari user and you find this site rather slow then these comments from Dave Hyatt might explain why:

In my earlier blog entry on caching problems, the issue of CSS being overly aggressive about fetching background-images was mentioned. I have fixed the issue now so that background images will only be fetched when first used. Sites like SprintPCS load much more quickly with this fix.

It seems that the browser downloads all the images specified in a style sheet, regardless of whether they’re actually being used on the page. Since my CSS contains a lot of un-used image links, users of Apple’s browser have been greeted with messages such as Fetching 1 of 84 images when they try to view this site.

Apparently the latest version of the browser (1.0) still exhibits this behaviour, but the next build should include the fix.

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Comments (4)

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  1. Dris:

    I always kinda figured it was something with your weather script, but I knew you were smarter than that. ;)

    Posted 2 hours, 49 minutes after the fact
  2. Owen:

    Wow, that's quite right. The activity window shows a very long list of images. One of the side effects, however, is a report on the images used in your CSS; there's one listed as "not found", namely /blog/commonpics/night/thunderstorms.jpg.

    Chances are your error page gathers these failed requests so Safari users will inadvertently check for missing images regardless of the weather. :)

    Posted 3 hours, 21 minutes after the fact
    Inspired: ↓ Dunstan
  3. Dunstan:

    Whoops! You're right, Owen, I seem to have forgotten to create the thunderstorms image... I'll have to do that when I get a sec. Thanks :o)

    Posted 12 hours, 1 minute after the fact
    Inspired by: ↑ Owen
  4. Ak:

    any chance that you could create an alternate stylesheet for those who can't upgrade safari?

    Posted 18 hours, 40 minutes after the fact

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