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Retro: Ordering food in America

23rd March 2004, early evening | Comments (34)

Tucson, Arizona, USA ~ April, 2002.

Ordering food is always an event in America, or so it seems to me. I’ve always tripped through life on the understanding that menus indicate the food combinations and prices that an establishment offers. In the States however a menu seems to just be a starting point — a list of words and letters which can be combined into any mix of dishes that the customer desires…

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Web of the Day

23rd March 2004, the wee hours | Comments (18)

Hey, Dad, on Sunday I was Feedster’sFeed of the Day’. That’s nice isn’t it?
What’s Feedster?
(Reading from Feedster is to blogs what Google is to Web sites, says the Wall Street Journal.
Oh. Well, well done.
Walks off to find Mum…
Morag, Dunstan is the ‘Web of the Day’ on the ‘Google of the Internet’, apparently.

Thank you Betsy Devine, and everyone else at Feedster.