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Increase my what?

26th November 2003, late at night | Comments (6)

I get about thirty emails a day from a nice lady called Rebecca Overton who repeatedly tells me to ,,Increase my D,I_C.K_ *SIZE.

Why she insists I follow this course of action, I cannot say, but she must be admired for her persistence if nothing else…

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21st November 2003, late afternoon | Comments (0)

From ‘Dilbert and the way of the Weasel’, by Scott Adams:

I subscribe to a fitness-orientated magazine that is packed full of articles on the right way to eat and exercise. That’s all they write about — eating and exercising. You might think that after the first few issues they would have said everything that needs to be said on those two topics. But you’d be wrong. Amazingly, the magazine discovers new and better ways to eat and exercise every single month!

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Slightly scary

19th November 2003, lunch time | Comments (7)

A man with some dolls' heads, a bunch of dolls' eyes and a funny tool

Worth the wait?

19th November 2003, lunch time | Comments (1)

George Bush may be visiting Great Britain at the moment, but his was not the most eagerly awaited arrival in this land. In the western boroughs of Edinburgh a year-defining moment has finally arrived, and with it comes blessed relief for thousands of poor souls throughout the country…

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