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October 2004
Diet Pepsi, the choice of Athlets

Welcome to America! He he

Unfortunately, that is all to common a sight around here.

On a side note, I recently heard (but cannot verify) that something they put in the diet drinks is worse…

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September 2004
Link presentation and Fitts' Law

Actually Scott, this is better when a line wraps. with underline, both lines of the link text are underlined. However, with border-bottom, we only get a line under the last line of the link. This…

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July 2004
Version 2

Excellant job. Your attentions to detail to inspring, espesially when it comes to all the little features you code in with php etc. I look forward to seeing the kinks worked out and more…

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April 2004
Sour crop

I'm curious, what are the six other "sure-fire ways of being marked down as a looney"?

Dunstan, as you seem to be the expert in such things, I thought I'de ask.

Entertaining stuff, btw.

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March 2004
Flexible floats

Your right, the shadows only display on bottom but not sides and the tabs have a small break between the left side and the top border in IE. Didn't notice that till you pointed it…

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IE6 now works for me. Very nice.

I was about to post and say that IE6 died for me too (on Win98SE) but I saw you were about to make changes. So I figured I'de wait. Looks like you solved the…

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Retro: Six generationas of baloney

Ok, I haven't laughed as hard as I did at the above comments in a long time.

Paul G., that was brilliant!

And Dunstan, I believe you answered your own question:
Q: "What kind of family needs…

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When I was…

What happened to Ben? He just sorta dissapeared on us there and you were suddenly taking the blame yourself.

Good read though. I doubt I could remember at what age things happened, or even the…

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February 2004
Snow, at last

Nice pics.
I have to chuckle when you say "Snow, at last". Here in Western New York (South of Buffalo) we have had 2 feet+ of snow for months (3 feet amount to about 1 meter for the rest of the…

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Filed under: Irony

Hmmm, you say Britian lost the manual about 1960, huh? To bad, the US seems to have lost theirs around the same time. My father happens to have worked for various railroad companies (big ones that…

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Firefox errors and Firebird extensions

Thanks Andy. Those are the 2 extensions I really needed as well.

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