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August 2004
Facts from Oliver Letwin


May I inquire as to which area your friends and parents are teaching in? My fiancee teaches in Hackney, which is the most dangerous place in the UK and as i've mentioned, she and I have…

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"The hours you put in - unpaid - out of 'office hours' go unrewarded by either pay or praise"

Depends on what you see as a "reward". Fair enough, I expect teachers to get a little more than they…

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"Either that or they didn't know what it was going to be like and don't feel they can turn back. My ex-tutor said to me that if he could make his career choice again with the experience of teaching…

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Yeah, as I said - teaching/social skills are essential if you want to become a teacher. Teachers go on insets all the time (well, they're optional in a lot of cases) to improve their…

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Isn't a person allowed to dislike the government, politicians and the fact that it doesn't matter what any campaigning politician says, when they get into the government they'll be…

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"You'd better be going back to America soon, my boy!"

That's like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

As for teachers:

My fiancee is a teacher and she slogs her ass off for…

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Bowling over 200

I haven't been bowling in a very long time. I think I went to some bowling alley in Middlesbrough last time.

I can usually get quite a few strikes, but not that many :P

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July 2004
Version 2

Very nice, Dunstan.

The only issues i've noticed are:

1. If people use a low resolution the text gets "truncated" on the left of each entry.

2. It's a tad too slow atm

I've used…

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Barbequing with the rich and famous

I spend most of my time in London, due to moving down there and getting married soon :P I never do get why people get a bus or the tube, just to go half a mile down the road. I'm a country boy,…

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Dougal: I may be Irish, but "i'm going to knock up my girlfriend" means exactly the same thing in the UK, so next time you're in England - don't tell us Brits that you're going to knock up Dunstan…

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Laptops as social aids

They probably just presumed you were a journalist :P Either that or they thought you were from a record company - playing the music to some top producer.
I used to take my laptop with me to…

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June 2004
England 5 Portugal 6

Although i'm Irish, found Jeremy's pictures funny AND found those songs hillarious - I do feel sorry for the England supporters, they were quite clearly robbed of a perfectly fine goal, which would…

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May 2004
The PHP code behind my archive page

I wouldn't say Cold Fusion has as many advantages as PHP. I've used it extensively for a large database oriented web site, and I still prefer PHP. In my opinion ASP and CF will never compete with…

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Glamour, 24/7

Even Amazon is trying to point it out lol

Tis a conspiracy Dunstan, tis a conspiracy :P

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The bachelors lifestyle. I used to be like that, of course that stopped happening when I got a fiancee :P

I found out what a bin as for, why I should smell nice most of the time, why I…

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