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November 2004
Audio tape to MP3

I've had excellent results digitizing my vinyl to mp3 using Spin Doctor which comes with Toast. The input (via iMic) is out of my amp so the same would apply to cassette.

Spin Doctor doesn't…

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September 2004
Shooting things

Sorry Dunstan, I screwed up the link in that post. Should have been a link to (feel free to edit my post accordingly)

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This post reminds me of the time I went clay pigeon shooting (… which I enjoyed thoroughly. It was the first time I'd shot anything other than an air rifle…

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June 2004
Mission Delores Park

> What happened to football?

See Jason Kottke's recent post:…

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> as someone who lives in America, do I "speak American"?

Definitely. All Americans speak American. As far as us Brits are concerned it's a whole different language :-)

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May 2004
Two favourite posts

The post I'm most proud of is 'Democracy strikes' ( which I wrote shortly before the invasion of Iraq. I normally talk about Web development stuff and rarely touch…

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Being single

"Being, frankly, awful at getting a girlfriend. But being fabulous at being a girl’s best friend?"

Dunstan, sounds like your past life is filled with 'You're cute, but...' moments. I know mine…

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April 2004
Old before its time

Yes 'conned' is a bit harsh, but that's pretty much it feels, especially for James.

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So that's three 'switchers' I know of whose first experience of Apple is one of being conned. That's you screwed by Apple by a two weeks, me screwed by Apple by four days and my mate James screwed…

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February 2004
Working in America

As might this Simon:
(although he managed to move permanently to the US)

Incidentally, as I understand it, the visa-waiver program you mention ends this October. After…

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Poppies everywhere

> Out of interest, are people getting that they
> can click on the photo to get a larger version?

Only just sussed that out, but I've never actually wanted to enlarge a photo before as…

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Filed under: Irony

Dunstan, that WasP post was the funniest thing I've read all year. Particular as my reading of it coincided perfectly with "We apologize to passengers for late running of your train. This is due to…

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January 2004
Cutting your own hair

Dunstan goes from West Country geek to gay icon in one post :-)

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Swimming with dolphins

So Dunstan; tedious comment to a heart-warming post; how did you take the photos? (assuming you took them)

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Friendly error handling

Do you have similar error catching for major problems such as Erro 500 server errors or failed database connections?


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December 2003
Easy CSS drop shadows

> At the moment it's too much 'part of the background' to my
> mind. I wonder if a better border would help seperate it
> from the underlying content?

Yeah, you could be right. I…

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> You got a link to an example on your site? I couldn't find one

I've got two types of examples. In this post
click the 'window' link in the third…

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I've implemented a similar version of this on Clagnut - same look - slightly different code. Because of the latout methods I am using, I couldn't use the negative margin trick, so I relatively…

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XML feed moving to new location

> If I were to steal one layout in the whole of blogdom, Clagnut would be it.

Thanks for that Dunstan - clagnut's layout seems so obvious to me now but it took flippin ages to work out…

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How about a feed with your full posts in? Yes I know RSS is *supposed* to just supply summaries with links to the full post, but that's not how I and a lot of other people make use of it (think…

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