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July 2005
A hello-and-goodbye kind of post

Oh man, Dunstan finally posted! And he's leaving, humm...

Hey, it's good to get the stuff out of your head which you don't have the time for. All the best with your various projects!

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February 2005
I am a kitten

Good luck, my friend... and if you need someone for outsourcing: you know the e-mail addy :) And hey, I know you love your puppies, but get your fat ass off that kitten, will ya?

Andrew, I know…

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January 2005
Poppy has puppies

Congrats man... damned nice puppies!

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November 2004
A new job

"Huzzah! Free G5s for your friends, yes?"

Oh he better ;-)

Congrats Dunstan :)

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Solving CSS problems for Mozilla Europe

I'm afraid the rushed post takes some elegance off the solution. I certainly have no time right now to look through the CSS in order to figure out what you did exactly.

Nonetheless, I'm sure…

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Applying CSS to external services

Just make sure there is no JavaScript in those CSS files...

(Dunstan, the spell checker is broken, it's JavaScript, not Java-Script!)

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September 2004
A good clean fight

Perhaps he was dreaming about The Rules of the Bed....

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August 2004

Care to publish a 1152 * 768 version of it? I dig it! :D

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28 years ago today

Congrats mate!

(Is it me or do you look like your mom?)

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July 2004
Version 2

Regarding the naked Dunstan disappearance on the comments, I wrote a fix for Dunstan yesterday, just before he left. He'll probably integrate it when he gets back.

[Dunstan, you better do that…

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June 2004
Busy having fun

I'm just wondering if you have introduced your girlfriend to some of the older (like two weeks ago) posts on your blog...

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A quick note to the man standing beside me in the queue for the toilets last Saturday

You saved my day man! Another great laugh :D

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May 2004
The last three days

Dunstan, when you return from your journey, you might as well sit down and write a book on it. No doubt it'll sell like mad!

And, of course, when I let my future son read the book, I can tell…

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Two favourite posts

What I wrote? Never mind that.. though I read this post couple days ago, thought provoking:…

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April 2004
Trip 1: itinerary

Hey Dunstan, I just got back from my trip to Rome... totally forgot to wish you a good trip. So, here it comes:

Have a good time there, Dunstan!

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March 2004
Flexible floats 3

Looping through all elements to search for specific classes isn't really a smart thing to do, especially if you need to do multiple loops. I once wrote a script which did only one loop, but it…

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Nice work, Dunstan. Don't really see a thing which can be improved now :)

Please don't make assumptions on classNames, though. Imagine a user who uses another class on div#left, your script will…

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Don't forget that the non-caching in IE is usually do to your own caching settings. Dave Shea wrote about that some months ago.

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Flexible floats 2

Not knowing if you'll ever use this, Dunstan, but here's a simple object detection based browser sniffer:

var isOpera = document.all && window.Event;
var isMozilla !document.all &&…

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Flexible floats

The code is pretty straight forward, it shouldn't crash anything. Perhaps it's something in the loop. Let's hope my suggestions will fix it :)

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Nice job, Dunstan.

I have some comments on the JavaScript, though:

* Clarity is far more important than easy-to-type-names and obscurity: bd becomes bookList.

* In the loop through the…

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Putting your underwear on backwards

Off-topic: nice highlight on your (mine) newly posted comment. Never noticed it before (but then again, I don\'t post much here).

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I think your underwear has been talking to your socks.. but instead of leaving you, they decided to trick you and turn around. Perhaps you need to keep an eye on them to see them turn…

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February 2004
Missing socks

Dear Dunstan, your foot
there's nothing like that
It stinks so much
I'd rather be a hat

My brother made me tell
he likes fresh air
so now wherever you look
you won't find us there


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Firefox errors and Firebird extensions

I simply removed the FireBird directory and my profile.. that provided an easy way of getting rid of useless extensions as well.

Unfortunately it has proven harder for me to download new…

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January 2004
More syndication feeds added

Great, finally a blogmarks feed.

Keep it up, Dunstan!

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Swimming with dolphins

Thanks for making me laugh. You are really an entertaining writer.

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Hey Chris,

that error does not come from the NiceTitles code. The problem is solved, though.

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Thanks for the link, Dunstan.

Steven: "I don't see much of a different between the boxes that are displayed, although it might be a big improvement in the Javascript code."
That was my…

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