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October 2004
Die photos, die!

Har har :)

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Skim-surfer on Stinson Beach

Nice photo, as usual.

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Big dog on Stinson Beach

Nice dog, great photo. Makes me want to go and hug something.

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Googley woogley

I found a larger version of this awesome cat image:…

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Photoblog navigation woes

Example C: 1
Example B: 2
Example A: 3

My vote goes to C, however I'd consider applying Fitts's Law in order to make these links wide. About 50% each, so that it's only a matter of pixels to…

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Diet Pepsi, the choice of Athlets

That chick is _hot_.

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Oi chihuahua

He shouldn't sell it! He should post it on his blog, as he's doing now. Imagine we had to pay to visit 1976design!!! (Hope I'm not giving Dunstan bad ideas here...)

No really, if you would sell…

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Baseball batter at Oakland Coliseum

There's nothing wrong with a 1976design turning into half a photolog, as long as there's code and photo tutorials :)

Great shots by the way, I wonder how you do it.

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September 2004
Shoes on a wire

Not one cloud...

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That one guy on the right is laughing indeed. Great photo, the title makes it funny.

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I love soliciting

Haha! Cool photo.

(P.S.: Capitalization in URIs? Hmmm...)

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Shhh, it’s a secret

Hmmm, is this a 404 secret garden or just an ordinary secret garden?

[ as mentioned over at… ]

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Droopy Dog

Nice photo, not so nice dog. :P

And I agree, we must get to know The Girlfriend better.

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Link presentation and Fitts' Law

I'm on FF 0.9 on Windows XP Professional, and I don't notice any flickering stuff... which is a good thing, I guess.

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Your latest redesign inspired me to use this technique on my site as well. This stuff rocks. Thank you.

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August 2004
Rubber ducks

This one reminds me of a Red Cross event here in Belgium (don't know about other countries): The Duck Race :)

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That photo's just amazing!

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Back in America

No one Ever Really Dies. I'm sure your granddaddy will continue living in your and others' thoughts.

I love the fireworks photo!

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June 2004
England 5 Portugal 6

Those pics are damn funny :) "The evolution of your emotions"

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Re-designing comment forms

WordPress (1) users can now have their forms this way (2).


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Transfer tickets

Good one, Nick!

Hilarious stuff. The dialogues on this site are high quality humour.

Dunstan, did you forget to add <q> tags to the first thing said (by the L-train driver)?

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Saucer of milk for table three

God, I love these dialogues on this site.

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Dance like nobody’s watching

That's exactly what Ssp already said ;)

Asides: I want to see Dunstan dancing like nobody's watching. I mean, even I do.……

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At Safeway deli counter

This woman should be stand-up comedian. And I love the way you succeed in staying polite — respect!

P.S.: Thank you so much for lending me your great JavaScript; my site loves you.

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At Safeway deli counter, part two

That's just hilarious.

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May 2004
Old before its time

That sucks!

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If you decide to make noise, make sure it's better than the silence.

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