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October 2005
Missing socks


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November 2004
A new job

Huzzah! Free G5s for your friends, yes?


*crickets chirping*

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October 2004
Hitler who?

[after a string of racist jokes to the German guests]

Basil: Is something wrong?
German Guest: Will you please stop talking about the war?
Basil: Me? You started it!
German Guest: We did…

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August 2004
Back in America

Hey, man. Just wanted to let you know if there's anything you need during the job search -- you know, references, letters of recommendation, anything at all -- I'm sure Dave Shea would be love to…

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Facts from Oliver Letwin

I don't know what a "Shadow Chancellor" is, but I think I've just found my new secret identity.

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July 2004
Laptops as social aids

Now, now — it's not the size of the laptop that counts. It's how well you flash your PRAM.


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Fascinating theory you have there about Doug being one of the "less fortunate, gutter-dwelling members of society."

Social iDarwinism, eh?

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June 2004
England 5 Portugal 6

I demand to be referred to exclusively as "you Irish swine" from here on out.

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A quick note to the man standing beside me in the queue for the toilets last Saturday

Well. I just threw up on my shoes.

Thanks for that, Dunstan.

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May 2004
The curious case of the footloose footwear

Got an apartment yet, O Unwashed Orchard?


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Glamour, 24/7

I'm sorry. I'll write a wittier comment once my eyes stop bleeding.

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Two favourite posts

That I've written:…


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April 2004
Howdy, from the West Coast

God, at least the British kid's finally out of the house. Shows up, eats all the cheese, complains that I don't spell "colour" correctly. Never mind all the posters of Queen Elizabeth that he…

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March 2004
Retro: Adventures on Speedway Boulevard're not from Australia?

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January 2004
Photos of chickens and the garden

Here's something I never thought I'd type:

"Beautiful chicken photos, Dunstan."

Now I can die happy.

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Friendly error handling

Hot damn -- that is some pimpriffic error handling. Nicely done.

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December 2003
Foggy morning

Wow — gorgeous photos, Dunstan.

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Be nice to sheep

Did pngcrush not work for you, Dunstan? Haven't tried it myself, but I've heard some great reviews; I'd be interested to hear what yours are.

And yes, you're definitely a nutter.

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Googley woogley

"fling poo"

No, I don't know why this drives ~100 clickthroughs to my site every month.

And if I did, I wouldn't tell you. So there.

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November 2003
Slightly scary

You know, poor ol' Mao's quite sensitive about his carbuncle problem. Probably best not to poke too much fun, eh? ;)

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