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March 2006
Frickin’ mouth ulcers

Yeah, I get them too. Mostly stress related. But I've realised what helps is regularly changing your tooth brush, brush at least twice a day. Oraldene mouthwash helps a lot, but when it's really…

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September 2005
Easy CSS drop shadows

Hi. I accidentally found your page. Funny enough, I did the trick not really differently from the way you did it.

I first of all tried to use negative margin but IE seems to interpret the -5px…

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February 2005
I am a kitten


Room for another? :)

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August 2004
Facts from Oliver Letwin

Well I am french-canadian, so I won't debate the fact that health care should be a public service and available to anyone. The only people who would argue are citizen of the United States, and…

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Richard, that's just a common misconception, you see there's alot of country in this world that manage to run a budget profit and provide service to their population, for example Australia, Canada…

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A democratia will hold true until the governing body discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money, at which point it become an oligarchy.

You see, Gordon Brown is…

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June 2004
England 5 Portugal 6

Portugal has been very lucky this year. If anything they should have dropped out a long time ago ... if you ask me. I would rather see England v. France final than Portugal v. Greece ... a shame…

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A quick note to the man standing beside me in the queue for the toilets last Saturday

Haha! This may be gross but it really made me laugh.

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May 2004
Dance like nobody’s watching

On the count of ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... you are now a dancing chicken. SF is really messing with your head, me thinks.

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Being single

Dude, you're money - just make sure you avoid the 4 messages/"Don't ever call me again!" scene. :)

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I think he does know it, hence the first comment and the search redemption where it can't be found.

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April 2004
Howdy, from the West Coast

A straight English country boy in SF ... sounds like a good title for a comedy ... ;)

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Old before its time

You are not the first, nor the last person to experience this.

Chances are the new PowerBooks wont be shipping for a couple of weeks, dollar is about 1.19 now compared to a few weeks ago when…

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March 2004
Web of the Day

Welcome to the club - we gotta get some bowling shirts made up. :)

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February 2004
Re-designing comment forms

One more on the 'familiarity' vein: e-mail is the most commonly used format for people to communicate on the internet. Having the fields above is consistent with an e-mail client. While it wastes…

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It's tough to balance the benefit of 'doing it a better way' against the cost of familiarity in presentation...

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Pickled Peppers

Good show!

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