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21st November 2003, late afternoon | Comments (0)

Dilbert cartoon

From ‘Dilbert and the way of the Weasel’, by Scott Adams:

I subscribe to a fitness-orientated magazine that is packed full of articles on the right way to eat and exercise. That’s all they write about — eating and exercising. You might think that after the first few issues they would have said everything that needs to be said on those two topics. But you’d be wrong. Amazingly, the magazine discovers new and better ways to eat and exercise every single month!

If you don’t subscribe to any fitness magazines, you’re probably using an old technique — perhaps as much as a month old — for growing huge abdominal muscles. I pity you for your ignorance and lack of results.

Thanks to my magazine subscription I learn a new and better method for growing huge abdominal muscles every thirty days. (We hardbodies like to call them abs.) At first I was skeptical that there could be so many different ways to exercise a particular muscle, It seemed to me that the experts would have figured out the one best way a long time ago. But I believe that the new methods are indeed better than the old ones because the models on the cover of the magazine have excellent abs. I assume that the models get to read the articles before we do so they can use the secrets to get in shape for the photo shoot.

I worry that with all the effectiveness of these new exercise techniques my abs might start jutting out in an embarrassing low-hanging-man-breast kind of way. That could never happen with the old methods of exercise — say six months ago — but it’s a definite risk now with these new and improved methods. That’s why I try to take is slow, doing maybe one crunch a week and then checking for unsightly bulges.

I scanned in a few of my favourite cartoons from the book.

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