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18th November 2003, early afternoon | Comments (3)

Screen shot of Michael Simmons's site

There's not really anything on this page, but purely as a piece of design, I like it an awful lot.

Email revisited: Tucson, Arizona (22nd April, 2002)

18th November 2003, lunch time | Comments (5)

Dunstan sitting on the edge of his bed, back towards the camera

I hate being alone and having to go to bed. I don’t want to pack up, lie down and shut out the light in my head. A day done. Opportunities passed. Doors shut that can’t be reopened.

I hate it.

In the bathroom, as I get washed, I’m listening out for a phone call or a door bell. I look in the mirror and clean my teeth, I lean in and stare at my eyes, look at how my forehead wrinkles when I raise my eyebrows, turn side to side and see that I look much better head on, when you can’t see the shape of my nose or my chin or my lips.

And as I look and turn and look again, I always have half an eye on what’s behind me in my reflection. Half my mind hoping the door will open and something will walk through that’ll push the end of the day back, that’ll shove me back into a brighter world than the one I’m about to leave for the night.

But no-one ever comes through the door, and the phone never rings. And each night I grit my teeth as I climb into bed, because it’s another day gone by and I’m still not hers and she’s still not mine and it makes me miserable.

What’s playing

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Some songs I’m enjoying at the moment…

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