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February 2005
Poppy has puppies

Poppy? My dog's name was Poppy! She was a labrador retriever, and she had three litters just like this. She died last month, but I only have to think of all the pups and grandpups she had to…

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November 2004
Touchdown, Tim Mixon

Go Bears! ;-)

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Berkeley versus Arizona

Wow! Someone actually went to one of our games. How did you like the band? I was the one with the black and white uniform and the hat, you know? Anyway...

In regards to Brian's question, I know…

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August 2004
A walk in the sun

My dog's name is poppy! She's a yellow lab, though. I'm not sure if it's a common name or not where you live, but here in California I've never met another dog with the same name. We named ours…

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July 2004
Version 2

Excellent work! If I had the time and drive, I might have coded my own content engine for my site, but as it stands, I only have time to redesign the CSS and XHTML part of it for the blog -- just…

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