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October 2004
Lemur therapy

I might be way off, but I think therapy is a result of our ingrained Puritan. If you display the slightest bit of difference you offend people who try to be like everyone else. Thus the idea of…

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Link presentation and Fitts' Law

I've been meaning to add this ability to my site for a while now. The challenge I had was how to make this work for links you don't know the width of. Because I use…

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September 2004

I have a feeling nothing happened. Otherwise, why do we only see this picture?

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August 2004
San Mateo County Fair

Great action shots! I love the clarity; one can even see the stuff flying in the air.

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May 2004
Glamour, 24/7

Uhh... Dunstan, I'll pass on the glamour "rubbing".

Chris Clark: small world! Perhaps the gaynip wouldn't be as effective up here.

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Being single

Now you just need hope that she doesn't read your site and realize you're an electronic geek...

Of course that could be looked at positively too - such intellectual effort to transcribe entire…

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