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July 2004
Barbequing with the rich and famous

The hardest part is calling the island "England" and getting yelled at by Brit friends of mine.

At the same time, I can see Mexicans getting mad at people who say that all of this is "America".

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March 2004
Light Angels

Those are pretty cool!

Do you guys all know each other outside of the blogging community, or was this just a bunch of guys who know each other from blogging who decided to get together and meet?

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February 2004
Filed under: Irony

Not to be too off-topic here, but I must mention that I've never seen the panorama showing daytime before. It's always in the dead of night. Although, I guess it figures being 8 hours behind you…

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Dynamic @import CSS files using PHP

I'd been thinking about something like this for a while now, but I never really had a reason to try to implement something like this before.

Good job!

BTW, Feed Demon 1.1 Beta 1 now parses…

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Anna Riley, wish number one

I got a terrific feeling from "Anna Riley" too. I'd say either Anna Riley, or someone with her same personality, but with Britney Spears' body. Yummy.

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December 2003
What to get for christmas?

Personally, I got tired of friends and family asking what I want for Christmas, Birthdays, and other gift-giving holidays. So I decided to make a list, and simply maintain it throughout the year. …

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