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January 2005
Lotty and Dotty

This is almost torture.. I wanna hold them! * Sigh *

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Scrap lying on his back

I thought the last one was adorable, but this one? He just makes me wanna grab him and love him to bits!

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August 2004
28 years ago today

生日快乐, many many happy returns!

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July 2004
Version 2

I like the redesign!

I use fixed width on my blog too, after contemplating fluid design for quite sometime and worrying about image displays.

Worth the wait!

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June 2004
England 5 Portugal 6

this is by far the best footie post i've read since the onset of euro 2004. hillarious pics! :D

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May 2004
Trackback on business sites

While it may not be entirely positive on the business; as Scott has pointed out I agree that I respect Six Apart for keeping their proposal open to critism, bombs and what nots.

Let's just hope…

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Glamour, 24/7

I only saw 3 words - 17 inch Powerbook.

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Two favourite posts

Mine: Paper Chasing Fools

Thought about it for a long time before deciding to post it.…

Other's: The IE Factor by Doug Bowman on design…

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