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October 2004
Photoblog navigation woes

Example C: 1
Example B: 2
Example A: 3

Mainly for consistency, as someone said earlier, although I'd put the links under the picture and centered.

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June 2004
England 5 Portugal 6

Lee, just check the stats. Portugal completely dominated the game. And don't forget we also had a goal kinda of anulled. let's not forget who was one goal behind in the end of the first part. Both…

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February 2004
Snow, by torchlight

Fantastic :)

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Poppies everywhere

And here I was thinking your blog couldn't get any cooler :D

great photo.

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January 2004
Cutting your own hair

What was the problem in the first place with putting yourself in professional hands?

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Aaargh! My eyes!

Lol very subtil.. :D

You've already got my vote.

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Photos of chickens and the garden

Great pictures, as always :)

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December 2003
Playdo people

So young and already a funnyman :D

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