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April 2005
Another short film of the puppies in the garden

Yap! Yap! Yap!

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September 2004

The one on the left seems to be saying " 'Cuse me, buddy.... me and my police buddies are wondering what is the correct term to address you guys?".

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August 2004
A walk in the sun

Very nice indeed, as always!

Poppy must be the most famous dog on the t'internet.

Well Poppy and Jordan I suppose.

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March 2004
Putting your underwear on backwards

You have my full support.

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February 2004
Re-designing comment forms

It appears so but you still have to preview it and then post it.

I think it's easier if there is the option to preview or post there and then, as I expect few people actually preview their…

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Let's see. Cookie being set.

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January 2004
Cutting your own hair

I totally agree with the "cut hair feel active thang". You should but some clippers from Argus, I've been addicted for like three years to having really short hair. Everyone thinks you look so…

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December 2003
Be nice to sheep

And here was me thinking my random header image looked half decent.

I bow in the glory of your far superior coding skills (I am not even half amateurish) and your unending patience.

I am now…

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