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January 2005
Poppy has puppies

> Yesterday morning, forty-nine days after going to the dog, Poppy started pupping

Or rather, puppies started popping :)

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October 2004
Hitler who?

which just go's to show not many people who replied to this post read the original.


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surely the nazi'zm exposed thing is about the current wave of right wing fascism that appears to be sweeping europe.

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Photoblog navigation woes

Best (1): B
Okay (2): C
Worst (3): A

B is the best. Because of the "matted" framing of each photograph, the image always remains in the same place. This means that I can click "Next" 1,000…

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A good clean fight

There are sometimes when you need to spit on your girlfriend.

Trust me.

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September 2004

they are all cops, the black guy is obviously an undercover narc...

...nice pic.

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June 2004
Transfer tickets

Thanks for the Demolition Man reference. I needed that.

I think I want to rent it this weekend, now.

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Hey you've started saying "Sheesh" - next thing you'll wake up and find you've turned into a valley girl. Like, really.

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At Safeway deli counter

Been there too. Last time I was in Cleveland the wife and I went into Starbucks, I ordered two coffees and the guy made us three. I said "No, sorry, I only asked for two" and he said "You ordered…

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May 2004
The PHP code behind my archive page

NDT going opensource eh? :) Thanks for sharing, one of these days I'll get my head around this.

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A shared language

Perhaps the world is ready for a gay icon in web design? How about some nice pink borders for your site? :P

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Being single

What an honest account of a situation any sensitive, "doesn't know he's money" kind of guy has been through time and time again.

I know I've been there and I feel for you.

Fucking girls. As…

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April 2004
Howdy, from the West Coast

"It seems I have become the gay equivalent of Catnip."

Ha! That's good stuff.

Enjoy yourself. You're in one of my most favorite cities. I wish I were close enough to stop by and buy you a…

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Tidying up

I love the picture in the French Alps. Excellent work.

I only have about 20GB of pictures. Still, I need to consider some offline, archived, oh dear god what if this hard drive crashes, kind of…

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March 2004
Walking on Dartmoor

I miss the hills and valleys of England. Everything in Ohio is so flat. I remember one time on Dartmoor I almost fell into a cave, having tried to jump between two boulders with a heavy rucksack on…

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February 2004
Working in America

the visa situation is pretty riduculous. on first entry to the united states (I am a fellow Brit) I was asked all sorts of very intrusive questions just because I wasn't completely sure how long I…

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December 2003
A Gypsy blessing

Very nice Xmas story. Where I come from (Swindon) you're more likely to be visited by a foul mouthed whisky breathing schizophrenic beggar looking for beer money, who will kick your door in if you…

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God is in the typos

That's odd. Something similar often occurs to me when I find:

spam style=

in my code. And I'm a vegetarian dagnammit! :)

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