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October 2004
Sweeping the infield

When I was a teenager I used to sell peanuts inside the sports parks in Chicago. It was the <em>coolest</em> job. But sweeping the field would be cool too. Better than, say, wiping…

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Photoblog navigation woes


I am torn, like Morgan, between liking the navigation of b but hating the changing background. Obviously easy to fix. But given what Dunstan said before about Fipp's Law (or…

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September 2004
SBC Park

Holy Moly!

I misspelled the link to my weblog on my above comment! What a dope I am!

(Uuhhh ... that's not ... <em>mine</em>.)

The horror! That's what I get for using…

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Hey D --

Did you happen to speak to the man on the right with the gray shirt and dark baseball cap? Just curious. It's always fun to read anecdotes from your conversations, or those you've…

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August 2004

Thanks for three days of updates, Ungul Dunan ... what a wonderful way to start a Monday morning (such as it is here in the Pacific Northwest, USA.) Better than a fresh newspaper.

All -- The…

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Facts from Oliver Letwin

Isaac, et al. --

I laughed out loud at your "brainless bureaucracy" comment -- then let issue an uncontrollable whoop at Spuggy's bolox (sic) comment. (That one blindsided me but good.)


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David, every good piece of political art I've seen has most elements labeled, for the sake of clarity in communication. Just curious: what would the iceberg represent?

Anyone else want a shot at…

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It's nice to see we 'muricans aren't the only ones with a bloated government. Although I'm an American civil servant benefiting by way of our country's bureaucracy, I believe our government could…

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July 2004
Summer garden

Ew. I gave myself away with those nasty italics tags, above.

I meant the more communicative <em> tag. Please forgive ... I'll try to be more vigilant.


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Ooh ... I love using the fish-eye. Great for getting lots of information into the frame, head-to-toe shots, etc.

Incidentally ... I just took a new job and was <i>issued</i> a…

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May 2004

Favorite: New this weekend! Near the top of a mountain in Washington State on horseback: the sound of the wind in the trees ... it's simultaneously a whisper and a roar.

Least Favorite:…

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