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January 2004
A scientific weather garden

Haha... Nice one.

I actually have an idea of my own, but I don't know where to get feeds for presidential polls...

Yes, I have malcontent.

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How I got involved in web development

I was always interested in computers. I met a friend who was also interested, and just about as competent. We decided to make a website.

Well, that site never really got off the ground, as we…

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Adding in tabs, blogmarks and a blogroll

Ahh... I love it when you add new features to your blog. It's always so cool.

I do agree that the bullets are a little subtle... But the color is nice. I would add a small circle outline,…

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Haven't had a recent break-up, but I'm going to have to watch that movie.

Future reference. :)

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An ASP version of time_since

Quite useful.

I never really liked looking at dates on blogs and other periodically-oriented sites. However, a function like time_since never occurred to me...

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Friendly error handling

Woohoo! I like!

Hmm... just noticed the Increase/Decrease size under the textarea. Doesn't work on Safari, I'm afraid...

Anyways, nice error pages!

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On a slow safari to Dunstan-ville

I always kinda figured it was something with your weather script, but I knew you were smarter than that. ;)

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December 2003
Foggy morning

Loverly pictures! Just loverly! :)

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Bandwidth theft and flame-bait

That's the funniest method of thwarting hot-linkers ever. And I love the eloquent phrasing: "Numerous men and a hard-working lady." Priceless.

As far as the morons go, there's not much you can…

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Playdo people

Hahaha! That's great!

Now I want to go get some playdo.

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Hmm... Well, I haven't thought this through, so I'm likely to get hurt, but here goes...

If the calendar method of organizing your posts is useless, wouldn't the permalinks (which are based on…

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Be nice to sheep

That reminds me, I had an idea for a design that would be littered (in a somewhat orderly way) with tiny pixel people doing their thing. I never thought about applying the current weather and time…

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Dunstan, you never fail to make me laugh. From the Naked/Super Dunstan technologies logo to "Hug the Cookie Monster" to the sheep in that weather image... Accordingly, you're a nutter. :)


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Who and where

Awesome. I was actually planning to add a similar feature to my own blog (like all entries related to "Sarah", for instance).

I'm wondering exactly how you approached it (which I assume you…

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Apples and pears

Wow! Who'da thunk?

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November 2003
A visual guide to navigating blog comments

Very intuitive system. However, it may yet be a little confusing.

As a preference, I would simplify it by "grouping" comments together and listing them chronologically instead of the…

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