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May 2004
Being single

So you are one of the nice guys who admit they sweat before calling a girl. But as a girl I must tell you that 2 days standard sucks. For a guy it is like a proud issue for a girl it's like well…

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March 2004
Retro: There ain’t no water in that there river

I liked this story. You have a very classic writing style. Somehow
it had a feel of Cat in the rain by Ernest Hemingway. Looking forward
to more...

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February 2004
Firefox errors and Firebird extensions

Oh people come on :) It says clearly on the Firefox page to disable all Firebird extencion before installing Firefox. I got lucky and downloaded the file this morning after four tries and had it…

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January 2004
Cutting your own hair

You should stick with your short hair. Somehow a fit guy with short hair is more cool than a fit guy with long hair. Or maybe a different hair cut for every season of the year :-p

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