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September 2004
A good clean fight

At least it wasn't a "ahhhh" followed by:

GF: Did you just wet the bed??
Dunstan: I had a dream about my childhood.
GJ: Go get the towels, you're on the couch.

Bed wetting, the single most…

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August 2004
San Mateo County Fair

I went last year and they didn't have the racing pigs. It was just pigs and smell. No fair.

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28 years ago today

Why is it your mom has the "I've just gone walking through a park proliferated in daisies, please stick one in my hair" look when every other picture I've seen of mother's after childbirth have the…

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June 2004
A quick note to the man standing beside me in the queue for the toilets last Saturday

Wine has that affect on overbearing Californians.

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May 2004
The curious case of the footloose footwear

It's a secret US policy to catch the elusive shoe theifs proliferating our great nation. The first person to touch the shoe gets snagged up by the ironcast cage dangling several hundred feet above…

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Dance like nobody’s watching

...the ultimate result is a man with no goals, no children to carry a name, and someone who is terribly uncoordinated at dancing. Sounds like the life for me.

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March 2004
Retro: Adventures on Speedway Boulevard

I beg you to come try out some of the buses here in San Francisco Dunstan, you'd have to bring a notepad for all the blogoodness the locals would feed you. As far the walking goes, sounds like…

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Putting your underwear on backwards

\'How ironic that this follows an entry on \"Cox\"...\'

He\'s got a point.

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Retro: Everyone likes Cox

Dunstan, how can you forget Phat Farm ( ... I don't care that if it's clothing, I can only imagine what people outside of the states are thinking. Ok, ok, I know we…

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CSS drop shadows, extended

One thing that still kills me about IE is that you can't use the img-dec is that you can't have text underneath without IE flipping completely out. I spent 2 hours trying to do workarounds and…

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When I was…

When I was 21 I was arrested for drunk in public for using a public telephone to phone a taxi. Apparently leaving a bar intoxicated doens't make any sense to police, nor does trying to get home…

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Light Angels

The photo of Andy is a snapshot of me after hearing George W's State of the Union address. Oh yes, an American.

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February 2004
Snow, by torchlight

I can only begin to imagine how that is done ... camera work is one realm I'm completely confused in.

P.S. - dogs like being outside because it keeps their noses wet and cold so that when they…

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