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January 2005
Lotty and Dotty

Pretty? Wonderful? Magical? I'm sorry, my cold heart is seeing only two white-pink pig babies. Or cows. Or... ;)

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August 2004
Redesign explained: time presentation

I feel a bit sheepish asking this question, but here goes:

This is a nifty piece of work here, and everything I've read has been entirely positive. But being a rather novice with wordpress, how…

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April 2004
Tidying up

"Maybe when I move to the Mac" - shouldn't that read "Maybe *IF* I move to the Mac"?

I'd recommend Photoshop Album (or whatever it's called). It allows you to add text for each photo, like…

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Ah, this must be the girl Dunstan wrote about before. "I can't believe... she's gone.". The post had something to do with watching a video film to take away the pain, or something.

I tried to…

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March 2004
Easy CSS drop shadows

First things first: I like it. In my page design (not obvious on my home page) is try try to get away from block images. So I wondered what you thought of this idea:

Create a 2x2 table with no…

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Retro: Ordering food in America

Mike P - the photo has the opposite effect on me. Bleurgh.

On ordering pizzas, try this:

Dunstan: "I want a very lightly cooked base, standard flour you use. Then can you give me a SEPARATE…

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Putting your underwear on backwards

Sian wrote:
"I quite often rush to work with my jumper back to front or inside out, so I can't really pass comment. I'm very sure that I would soon realise that my bra was back to front as things…

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Sarah wrote: "Memo to self: Point out to Sian that the outline of her nipples (saucy) is showing beneath the leg elastic of her knickers..."

I don't get that.

To Dunstan: clearly your 18-hour…

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Retro: Everyone likes Cox

In the UK we have a loud DJ called Sarah Cox. I know it's bad of me, but I can just imagine what her middle name might be!


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December 2003
A Gypsy blessing…

oops heres the link I forgot to paste, I knew preview was meant for something.

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Here are a few signs from the other side of the puddle, that you might look for along with the blessing.
I like the addition to the roof. I was about to ask you if you were doing…

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I will now count backwards from ten


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Dunstan, are you promoting their site because you were hypnotized into joining their associate program.

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