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January 2005
A short film of Squeak and Lotty

Crazy! Another hit video of extra-cute puppies.

Is there a way to stop it autoplaying when the page loads though? I wasn't quite ready but it started anyway. It also autoplays on the Preview…

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Lotty and Dotty

Check the first puppy post Dunstan made, where he gave out the names:

"We think: Squeak (girl), Dotty (girl), Lotty (girl), Patch (boy), and Scrap (boy)."

About this post, I just want to say…

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Poppy has puppies

What a cute photo at the top! Where did Poppy give birth? At home, or was she at a vet's?

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November 2004
Solving CSS problems for Mozilla Europe

The rounded corners demo is excellent. The only difference between the top version (using a container div) and the bottom version is that the green download paragraph doesn't stretch to fit the…

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October 2004
Die photos, die!

Dunstan, it's YOUR blog. Post whatever the hell you like! Who said it was a 'design articles only' site? I really enjoy the photos myself, they are always high-class. If you never posted another…

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Small dog on Stinson Beach

Would it have been better taken in landscape format?

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Photoblog navigation woes

Yes, using the browser's built-in navigation toolbar is a good idea. However, only Opera and Mozilla support this I think? Also many users turn off the toolbar to save screen space.

My votes for…

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Oi chihuahua

Looking at it again today, it looks better. I did my own version based on your colour original. Oddly it turned out much like yours.…

I didn't convert…

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Sorry, but I would prefer to see the colour original. The hand and the dog look like a montage due to the re-colouring. It just looks a tad 'wrong' to my eyes. (Sorry to criticise this photo, but I…

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Diet Pepsi, the choice of Athlets

"Isn't this country called 'England' for a reason?"

No, it's called Britain. "England" is a division of it. This link gives a clear definition:…


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"Daddy, he put a picture of me on the internet!" (sob)

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September 2004
Baseball pitcher at SBC Park

Dunstan, you've got to write that tutorial! I've just been to your photography portfolio and the two pictures of the guy diving into the swimming pool are just *perfect*!

My guess is that you…

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August 2004
Redesign explained: time presentation

D'oh! My test code was using dates without leading zeros. Here's a better piece of code. If the date is less than 10, I've made it chop off the first character (which will be a zero).

Adjust the…

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Finally tested my code. It works!…

Add this to the bottom of my code above to test it:

$hour = 0;

while ($hour < 24) {
echo "When hour =…

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Ah wait, I see Dunstan is pulling the date from his database, giving an example with a zero fronting it, eg: "08" for the hour. Well no problem there either. All you have to do is strip the zero…

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The array should work fine as PHP is able to handle 24-hour dates that do not use two-digits for numbers less than 10. Checking the page below, you can easily convert the unix timestamp (server's…

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July 2004
Redesign explained: tag transformations

It says on the blogged people list "(If you have Javascript enabled you can click the table headers to sort the data.)". Is this not working yet? It doesn't work for me. (Opera 7.53, Windows…

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Dunstan, I'd consider changing this line...

"font: normal 98%/110% Courier, monospace;" say "'Courier New', Courier" as just "Courier" on its own gives an ugly blocky font on Windows.…

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Redesign explained: time presentation

I'd have used an array to store the time phrases and just referenced that. Something like this (untested):

First, define each phrase:

$ph1 = "the wee hours";
$ph2 = "terribly early in the…

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March 2004
Flexible floats

Man, this sucks. In Opera 7.23 on Windows XP, I see one column only of books, needing a lot of scrolling, and a complete waste of white space on the right. Why can't I have it like the first…

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Retro: There ain’t no water in that there river

Maybe there ain’t no water in that there river, but there sure is plenty of writing talent on this page. I mean you Dunstan. Hey, maybe Jim was spot on. "You are an amazing individual did you…

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CSS drop shadows, extended

"IE doesn't do :hover on anything except links..."

This got me thinking. Maybe you could make the image a fake link? (Eg: just a hash in the href.) Then would it work for IE?

If not, well…

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February 2004
Snow, by torchlight

The purple streaks actually look like figures. You could pass this off as photos of faeries. People might believe you.

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Tell us everything! Well, not quite everything…

I'd suggest it's a measure aimed at preventing spam from hackers trying to fill their servers with megabytes of porn.

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January 2004
Photos of chickens and the garden

Only Dunstan could make a photo of battered apples look so appealing.

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Our garden and the surrounding fields

188ff.jpg is my favourite. I think I have those growing near my front door. Beautiful photo!

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How I got involved in web development

"A lot of (decidedly amateur) computer graphics"

I take it this is a joke? When I first saw the graphics I could only think "So... much... talent...". Well I was thinking about your cool blog as…

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Calendar girl

Great calendar design. Can I rip it off? :-) But what do the dice represent?

I like the new design of her site more than the old one. She's cute too. Shame she's taken guys, eh?

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Easy CSS drop shadows

Thanks for the link. The problem I see with your approach is that the shadows are cut cleanly at the bottom left and top right edges. To me this looks wrong, hence my smoother approach. There…

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