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That dog is up to something

7th November 2003, lunch time | Comments (0)

A drawing of a Jack Russell dog

I’m a little worried — yesterday I went out into the hall and Poppy was slinking off in classic “I just did something very, very bad, but maybe if I crawl along the floor with my eyes down he won’t notice” pose. Then she hid behind the table and wouldn’t look at me for an hour.

It’s usually pretty easy to work out what’s been happening: you just walk into the room she scrabbled out of and see either some kind of bodily fluid on the floor, or something knocked over and half eaten.

Unfortunately this time I can’t find out what she’s worried about.

I’ve checked the house for poo.
I’ve checked the house for wee.
I’ve checked the house for something shredded and shoved behind a sofa.

It’s all clear.

So what the hell has she done?

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